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  1. I just got accepted! I requested to join the FB group. Also, I'm excited to meet all of you. Anybody looking for a roomate? :)
  2. Just got an email today. Got accepted into the program. I am so excited!!! I hope y'all hear some good news too. I interviewed 09/09 so don't lose hope :)
  3. interview for 09/09. I'm so excited!! Goodluck to all of us!
  4. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL WHO GOT ACCEPTED!! I'm so happy for you guys.
  5. anyone who interviewed on June 28-29, hear anything? So far, I haven't heard anything...
  6. Received my supplemental app 06/27. Good luck everyone!
  7. Just got an email saying my application is under review. I am so excited! Hope we all hear good news. Goodluck everyone :)
  8. hello, I took the GRE twice and I didn't do so well on both. My second attempt, I got 150(v) 144(q) 4.0(w). I would suggest working on your personal statement. I think it was my personal statement and my HCE that landed me a couple interview invites and hopefully more. Also, I had multiple individuals in the healthcare industry critique my essay. Finally, had my cousin who is a english/writing major proof read it. I actually took a few months working on my essay. Hope everything goes well.
  9. Hello! English is also my second language, and I didn't do well on the GRE. I only applied to 3 schools and I got two interview offers so don't lose hope. I think you have a shot!
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