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  1. I was in the September 12th group!!!
  2. Guys check your emails! I just received my acceptance!!!!
  3. You spoke with him today? This is all so nerve-wracking.
  4. For those who interviewed on the 19th, were you told when you would begin to hear back?
  5. I don't know how much information I can give, but it was very relaxed. During my interview we were broken into groups of 3 where we interviewed individually with two different members of the admissions committee in separate time blocks. Then we had a group Q and A session, which was followed by a tour of the school.
  6. When did you interview, and did they give you guys a time frame of when you would expect to hear back?
  7. Has anyone that was wait-listed heard anything back from the school?
  8. Have any shining stars received acceptances yet?
  9. I'm not sure how much information can be given about the interviews, but I was wondering for the MMI portion whether the interview questions were more geared toward general interview "get to know you type" questions or whether there are more scenario type questions? Or should we expect both?
  10. How many people typically attend an interview session, and how many people tend to be accepted from these sessions?
  11. Also wait-listed from the 07/07 interview. Kind of a bummer since they still have so many seats open, but we'll see what happens!

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