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  1. Hello, I am a third-year Pre-PA student at the University of Nevada, Reno. I am looking for PAs to shadow in the Las Vegas area. Thanks!
  2. Hi! I am currently looking for a PA to shadow in either Las Vegas for the summer or in Reno starting in September. I am currently home in Las Vegas, but I attend school at UNR.
  3. I am an undergraduate student (sophomore) and I want to pursue a career in the medical field. I am torn between being a PA or MD. I am currently leaning towards PA because it is shorter schooling. I really want to enjoy my twenties, travel, start a family, etc. I want to start working right away without 8 more years of school. The pay is great. Obviously it isn't what doctors make, but most people never make that much anyway. There is a greater chance to have balance between work and personal life. Medicine isn't my only passion and I would love to be able to pursue art. There is lateral mobility. I know it is hard to switch between specialities, but it is certainly easier than changing as a doctor. I would love to work in psychiatry, dermatology, genetics, and ultimately stay in internal medicine. PA school has less debt. I will eventually want to work only part time and I think it's silly to acquire med school debt and not want to work enough to pay it off. Gathering HCE hours as an undergrad will be tough and PA school is extremely hard. I'm not considering PA because it is an easier path or less hard then becoming a doctor, but I genuinely think that PA would fit my personality better than MD. I have questions about the PA profession that I would truly appreciate if you guys could answer. Do I have solid reasons for choosing to be a PA? Do I understand the nature of the profession? I currently live in Nevada and they treat their PAs extremely well, so I would definitely stay here after PA school. Does anyone know what it's like to work in Nevada? Everyone keeps telling me I should be a doctor so I can be the boss, but I never wanted to be a boss or have total control. I wasn't worried about practicing under a doctor until I was bombarded with so much concern because I am considering becoming a PA. Is there truly an awful power difference/struggle or are people being narrow minded? What's it like being employed by a hospital vs a doctor? What you say are the best specialities for PAs to work in? Do you have any regrets choosing PA over MD? People make it seem like PAs aren't respected, how often is that the case? For internal medicine is there a large or small scope of practice? Thank you so much to everyone who answers!
  4. Hi, I am currently a Pre-Health student. I am torn between becoming a PA or MD. I have a strong interest in perusing internal medicine and I was wondering what life is like for internal medicine PAs. What's the day to day like? Average salary? Scope of practice? Hours worked? I know a lot of specialities allow PAs to have a lot of autonomy and I was wondering if this was one of those specialities. I don't mind working under a doctor, but I want to have a decent amount of autonomy.
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