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  1. I heard that they didn't accept anyone from the waitlist yet because they are waiting to hear back from students who took a leave of absence and they have to hold slots for them i wonder when those students have to get back to mgh by
  2. those who interviewed on 1/13--did they say when you will be hearing back?
  3. Oh it's interesting. When I went to the interview on 11/18, they said ours was the last interview fo them. Congrats!
  4. I heard that 11/18 interview candidates will be notified early December but it seems like they already did in end of November? I interviewed on 11/18 but haven't heard back from them yet. Anyone else??
  5. Same! I was verified 6/3 and received an email on 6/11. When do they start sending interview invites out?
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