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  1. I got and email from Bay Shore and Manhattan saying that they still interviewing other candidates and that a decision will be made by June 1, 2018.
  2. Has anyone, had an interview yet? If yes do you mind sharing?
  3. I created this new topic for those who applied to Touro Manhattan & Bayshore (which includes Winthrop Extension) For the Physician Assistant Program. And for those seeking information on the topic. Please post any information therefore everyone can benefit, be as clear and precise as possible. All questions are welcome and make sure to do your own research on the topic. Best of luck to everyone!!
  4. Nice!! thanks I appreciate your response. I agree with you we just have to be honest and authentic I believe thast what they looking for. At the end you don't want to sound robotic, you want to sound natural a unique not another internet copy thats just my opinion. Congratulations to all on your acceptance!!
  5. I got an interview for the 18th as well, I am nervous though.
  6. Yes I did, the email said that all seats where filled for Winthrop, but I was offered an interview for Bayshore.
  7. Hello everyone, I also have an interview for Touro Manhattan on December 18th. How are you guys prepping for it. If you don't mind sharing
  8. Hi Lauren thanks for sharing that. I would like to email you my personal statement to get your opinion.
  9. Thanks I appreciate it.
  10. Hello everyone, I am applying to PA and they asked if I have any membership I am uncertain what exactly they asking for. Does anyone have any ideas? please Thanks.
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