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  1. Did anyone else receive an email explaining delays in the admission process? On that note, has anyone received any interview invites?
  2. I printed my essay and included it with the supplemental app and check. I listed my experiences starting with the most recent.
  3. I received a confirmation email a week after mailing out the supplemental.
  4. Oh ok. Thanks for clarifying lol. According to last year's forum, they started sending out interview invites in August.
  5. All of the emails I received said that they were gonna conduct a preliminary review of my app and they will let me know if they need anything else. Seems like we both got different emails...yours sounds more positive lol.
  6. I applied to all 3. I got confirmation emails in mid June that said final decisions will be made by December 2017 for the Winthrop program, and decisions will be made by June 2018 for the other 2 campuses.
  7. That's great! When did you submit your primary and secondary?
  8. Hello everyone! Thought it was time to start a new thread for this year! I received the supplemental app email a week ago and mailed it out today.
  9. I'm wondering the same thing. I have a couple of outstanding prereqs that I won't have final grades for until December :/ And they told me my application will be on hold until I send them the final transcripts.
  10. Just got an email that my application will be forward to the admissions committee! Keeping my fingers crossed for good news!
  11. Based on last year's post, people started hearing back right around now
  12. I just called them. Turns out we do need to send them our official transcripts to them as well -_-
  13. They finally cashed my check yesterday! I didn't send them any transcripts so I'm gonna give them a call to ask about that and get back to you guys.
  14. Same here. I'm not stressing it though. I figured that since they're dealing with snail mail and checks, their application processing cycle might be slower than most programs.
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