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  1. I was accepted to South Hampton campus, any females want a roommate off campus, PM me :)
  2. I interviewed on 12/7 in the morning group, and I got the letter on 12/18 in my email. I'll be in Southampton Campus :)
  3. I got the same email as well, I'm looking forward to meet everyone :)
  4. I booked a hotel in American Canyon too, I'll be staying in Fairfield Inn. We can head out to the interview together :) because I don't know where to park or where the building is
  5. Thank you, this is very helpful! I normally don't carry cash with me.
  6. Great, I'm trying to find a hotel near by the school, so maybe we can meet up in the evening the day before our interview :)
  7. Congrats!! Would you mind sharing about your interview? Is it MMI, individual interview, group interview, and is there a writing portion?
  8. I didn't submit my cv or resume on the supplemental application, because i submitted my cv on caspa.
  9. Hey guys, do you want to meet up the day before our interview on 11/28? I'll be flying from TX.
  10. I just got my invitation to interview on Nov 28 as well :)
  11. By any chance, did you get an invite for secondary app yet?
  12. Yes! I'm the first one on here :) CASPA verified along with Supplemental app on 5/31/2017.
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