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  1. Interviewed Thursday 2/15 and unfortunately received a rejection letter in the mail the following Tuesday. Congratulations to everyone who has been accepted and I wish you all luck in your future endeavors.
  2. Hello! I’ve talked to admissions and biochemistry is now a mandatory pre req for this upcoming cycle. I think it’s implied that organic chemistry is needed, I’m pretty sure at most schools it’s a pre req for biochemistry.
  3. When you say group interview do you mean with multiple faculty or students?
  4. Hi! I believe they will start pulling people from the alt. list after they are finished with interviews and accepting people into the class. I have a friend who went to the Orlando campus who was taken off the alt. list a week before classes started. I'm interviewing in February and I think thats the last month of interviews, so I guess it could be from February until classes begin depending on how many people they need to fill the class.
  5. Sorry for the confusion, I only meant the Nova campuses. Try to hang in there! It’s been radio scilence for me also except for Ft. Lauderdale finally emailing me 3 weeks ago for an interview. There’s still time!!!
  6. I was concerned about it as well so I emailed all the schools asking and they told me that it is not for this cycle but the next. That is why they waited to add it until CASPA was closed. So if you are accepted for the 2018 entering class then you’re fine but if you have to reapply next cycle then you will need biochemistry.
  7. Hi! I was until today and the waiting is killer. I'm not sure if you have any outstanding pre-reqs but I sent Judy grades from this semester on Wednesday and received an interview invite today (Friday). So I guess they were waiting for those to be finished before they made a decision. Good luck I hope you hear something soon!
  8. Well after 6 months of waiting I finally received an interview invite! I am so excited and nervous! I'll be interviewing February 15th! If anyone has any tips it would be much appreciated :) Congrats to everyone who has been accepted!!
  9. Sorry to hear that! Do you mind sharing your stats? I think I applied around the same time as you and still haven't heard so I'm getting a little nervous.
  10. I submitted my supplemental on June 2nd and still haven't heard anything either. This was just the first wave of interviews and there will be definitely be more!
  11. Yes I got an email this evening! CASPA submitted & verified 5/30 First level review 6/5 GRE scores submitted 6/28 Second level review 8/6
  12. cGPA: 3.67 sGPA: 3.65 GRE: 306 about 2000 hrs as a CNA in a hospital about 20 hours shadowing PAs
  13. Same here, CASPA verified 5/30 and submitted supplemental 6/2... So frustrating!! :(
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