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  1. Hi there ! Not exactly sure about the specifics regarding having the same lectures, tests, etc. but I'd also definitely recommend having two separate campus FB groups eventually, especially if your cohort wants to use FB for communication. For example, coordinating test times/rooms/changes will be unique to each campus! Same with specific social events y'll will want to do together Yeah it may not do much for everyone right now, but it doesn't hurt to start organizing into respective campuses to get to know one another/then later organize living situations/ask specific enviro
  2. Best of luck to everyone waiting to hear back !! Can't wait to hopefully get to communicate with more members of the upcoming Fall class :)
  3. Congratulations getting the interview !! I would recommend going through this thread and looking at everyone else's tips on how to prepare for the interview. As cliche as this sounds, honestly being yourself is key! I loved TUC's interview process because I feel like they gave me a chance to relax, be myself, and allow me to show different sides of my personality. Since you're obviously interviewing at a PA school, of course it's recommended to think of the typical PA school interview questions such as knowing what a PA is, why do you want to be a PA -- that sort ! Just be yourself,
  4. For those who interviewed Feb 10th and received an acceptance, be on the lookout for your acceptance emails since I just received mine this morning at 7AM! :)
  5. How exciting ! Congratulations on the interview :) Although you're used to wearing heels in professional settings, I'd still recommend to stay safe and wear flats since there is a lot of incline walking plus the stairs that other people have described. The last thing you want to worry about during this full interview day is your feet hurting. Better safe than sorry ! Good luck !
  6. Oh my gosh !! I literally was just thinking about posting this today !! I can't wait for the Facebook group to be made so we can all connect :) Hi Angela ! My name is Jackie, I would LOVE to connect with you !!
  7. Hi ! I'm assuming this question is best answered by contacting TUC ! I'd also love to know about the dates if you end up finding out. Happy holidays!
  8. I submitted my supplemental on Aug 23rd and received the interview invite on Oct 27th! Fingers crossed for all those waiting to hear back :)
  9. Are you saying this based on the established FB group of accepted students? Who wouldn't accept their spot in UK's PA program !! I figured this was the case, but of course I was somewhat hopeful about the waitlist :( Thank you for your response though !
  10. Oh man, there goes the ray of hope LOL ... :( I'm surprised I'm not seeing more responses on this thread from anyone! Would really appreciate to know if ANY person from the waitlist has been contacted. I might email Julia soon to see if we can get any information about those on the waitlist. I know the deadline to accept a seat and put down a deposit was 1-2 weeks ago, so I figured that people would be notified by now about their waitlist position. I assume it takes more time too for people who are called off the waitlist to make their decision as well. I can't imagine that many
  11. Thank you so much for clarifying! I didn't receive any feedback whatsoever after my rejection email. I definitely will contact admissions after a couple of months when things settle down and they're ""less"" busy to see if I could get ANY feedback incase I apply again next year ! Did you email them back wondering about how your community service didn't fall into the category of working with the underserved? Because just reading your explanation, you DEFINITELY fulfilled that requirement.
  12. When you say the feedback you had received, did you personally give the admission office a call or email someone?
  13. Would also love to know if anyone on the waitlist has been contacted at all. @sjw2017, where did you read about many people getting off the waitlist?
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