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  1. Hello Everyone, Figured I would start a new thread. Hope and wish all of us Best of Luck!
  2. Hello Everyone, Wishing you of all Best of Luck during this application Cycle!
  3. Can you, please, tell me when you submitted and received all your emails (including 3-7 days one)?
  4. If I understood everything correctly, then yes!
  5. Also, if we don't hear by that date, then we didn't get invited...and therefore it's safe to assume that we won't be invited this application cycle.
  6. So, I just spoke with Helen and she said to wait until Feb 23rd, as some students might decline the invite or not respond, and so another date for interview will be posted.
  7. Nope...hoping to hear something. I got skipped on January and Feb 2nd one ?
  8. Happy New Year, everyone! Has anyone heard back since the last post?
  9. Omg. Congratulations!!! I interviewed on 10/20 too. Eagerly anticipating!!!
  10. So technically, we should be hearing after thanksgiving. Yay?
  11. Hey, I just received mine this morning for this Friday, and I am coming from AZ. Tickets are outrageous..
  12. When did you submit/had your application verified, if you dont mind me asking?
  13. Hey everyone, Sent in my app yesterday. Do you think its a bit too late?
  14. No idea. I just got an email that says that my coursework has been reviewed. thats it!
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