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  1. I completed the forms and responded to the decision, but I didn't see anywhere where I'd pay for my seat deposit....
  2. Congrats to those accepted so far! Anyone willing to share how the interview process went from the 08/04 date?
  3. Just received my second email 8/08 stating my application passed the initial review and will be passed to two others. The email stated the process will take up to 8 weeks from 09/01. Super excited to hear back from them!
  4. I still haven't heard anything either and I'm not sure if they've already started reviewing the applications.
  5. Application received email 07/14. Interview invitation 07/24. I'll be attending the September 15th interview!
  6. I applied 7/15. Now waiting to hear back!
  7. My stats are similar to yours and I applied just before you on 7/15. I'm patiently waiting.
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