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  1. I completed the forms and responded to the decision, but I didn't see anywhere where I'd pay for my seat deposit....
  2. I got in! Good luck everyone else and congrats!
  3. Just got the email stating I'm on the reconsider list.
  4. Interviewing Sept 9th at 8am
  5. Do you mind sharing when you submitted your application?
  6. Still haven't heard anything. Submitted 7/05.
  7. Congrats to those accepted so far! Anyone willing to share how the interview process went from the 08/04 date?
  8. vickyrawly

    Sullivan Applicant 2017-2018 Cycle

    Just received my second email 8/08 stating my application passed the initial review and will be passed to two others. The email stated the process will take up to 8 weeks from 09/01. Super excited to hear back from them!
  9. I still haven't heard anything either and I'm not sure if they've already started reviewing the applications.
  10. Application received email 07/14. Interview invitation 07/24. I'll be attending the September 15th interview!
  11. Anyone heard anything?
  12. vickyrawly

    South College 2018 Start

    I applied 7/15. Now waiting to hear back!
  13. My stats are similar to yours and I applied just before you on 7/15. I'm patiently waiting.

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