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  1. I am a woman! haha, I know the name is deceiving.
  2. My thought was that I could use it in practice (as a women's health PA), or on the side (if i don't end up getting a women's health job right off the bat.) I would not be doing it full time by any means. I also think it may look good on a resume for women's health positions, correct? I also do not have much debt, I was lucky to have family help.
  3. Hello! My name is Drew Greene and I am a 24 year old physician assistant student that will be graduating from PA school in August of this year. Ever since I have been interested in medicine I wanted to go into womens health. As a PA, I believe I will be able to give back to the female community through women's health services, however, may not be able to be involved in the birth experience as much as I would like with living in a bigger city (Austin, TX). So, I realized that I would love to possibly become a doula on the side to give my patients an option for me to be present during birth, as well as doing something I love on my own. I also could do this as a side job, in case I don't get a women's health job right out of school. I inevitably just want to be involved in labor in some way/shape/or form. Has anyone been a PA and doula? Insight on this idea? Any information is greatly appreciated!
  4. Hello! Any movement from the wait list recently? I feel like there has been so little movement!
  5. I just called and the woman said she was "not aware of any movement from the waitlist." She could not give me any more info and said there was "no way to predict."
  6. Good morning! Has anyone been pulled off the waitlist lately?
  7. Hello! I was accepted on 1/23 but have decided that I will be accepting an admissions offer from another school. I hope this opens up a spot for someone else! Good luck!
  8. When I asked about the rankings just now she replied with "We are not publishing the waitlist to be in alignment with other Texas schools." What does this mean?
  9. Interviewed on 9/22 and just got an acceptance call! (literally at 6:25pm) Stay hopeful!!
  10. Does anyone have any idea when they might potentially start pulling from the waitlist?/has this begun?
  11. To those who have been accepted -- is there anything we should be doing between now and start date? I completed the acme online training, but other than that .. is there anything else that needs to be done as of now? I am nervous something was lost in my email.
  12. Major: Kinesiology Exercise Science cGPA: 3.87 sGPA: 3.9 GRE: v:149/q:157 = 306 combined Patient care hours: CNA in family practice clinic (1000 hrs) Research: 18 hours psychology research lab Volunteer: 116 ER volunteer; 52 mother/baby volunteer; 40 medical mission volunteer; 50 academic volunteer Shadow: 142 combined hours of PA/MD shadowing abroad and in the US Stats: Texas resident; 21 yrs old; first time applied -- applied to 5 texas schools -- received 4 interviews. Acceptance to 1 so far, waitlisted here, have not heard back from other 2. :-)
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