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  1. My guess is that they will send out October interview invites next week after they have evaluated the applications from the first two interview sessions. They have their 2nd interview session tomorrow.
  2. Yes, you are allowed to bring one guest - you RSVP on your invite/ meet n greet acceptance saying whether or not you will bring someone. People brought significant others or parents.
  3. Last year they didn't send out interview invites until September! ?
  4. There are still 60 interview invites to go out. 30 for October and 30 for November. Invites should go out about 1 month before the interview date.
  5. I’m parking in the visitor lot by seldin plaza and just walking over!
  6. 300 is a common minimum for GRE. what about PA shadowing? and long-term volunteering/involvement in the community? What makes you unique in your desire to become a PA? What did you learn from you experiences that will make you a good PA and did you address that in your personal statement and individual experience descriptions? Those are things that UTSW really looks for as well as many PA schools. You still have a shot as there are still 2 more rounds of interview invites to go out. I would not call and ask about your application though.... that would put you more on their bad side rather than their good side. Imagine all the emails and phone calls they are probably getting right now already.
  7. It says "business'" casual for the "meet and greet". I am wearing slacks and a nice blouse with flats - no jacket. Then for the interview obviously a suit.
  8. Finally got my under review email today! Submitted and verified May 10th.... accessed myStar/ supplemental app soon after.
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