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  1. I emailed Michelle after completing the background check and she informed me she would be sending more information out once the application cycle is complete. I will be attending St. Pete.
  2. Had to turn down my interview invite for November 3rd due to a conflict with an already scheduled interview. I tried rescheduling for another date but was informed that would more than likely be the last interview date. I’m bummed because I really wanted to interview there.
  3. I got offered an interview for November 3rd yesterday after being notified I was on the interview waitlist on September 8th! Super excited!
  4. I submitted my application May 5th and received the verification email on May 11th. I received the interview invitation yesterday August 16th.
  5. Just got the email invite to interview today! I will be there September 15th!
  6. Just received my rejection. Congrats to everyone that's gotten an interview invitation.
  7. I got the confirmation email today too!
  8. Found out that you have to create a completely new account for the graduate school application if you are a re-applicant to the program (including different email).
  9. I had not. I emailed them to ensure they had received my application. Sorry I am just getting back to this now. I have not logged on in awhile.
  10. Applied on May 4th and never received a confirmation of receipt from them. I sent an email out and received a response on May 22nd stating they would begin processing applications in June and we would receive an email then. Has anyone received such an email? I have not yet.
  11. I submitted my application on May 8th and received confirmation of my CASPA verification on June 1st. I have not heard anything else since then.
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