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  1. I think I only had 2 rotations where I could actually get out my laptop and use it, do proper study during on-site time, was simply too busy everywhere else. I couldn't even log cases during on-site time at most rotations. So I kept hipaa-compliant notes in a little notebook, and did actual case logging at home at the end of the day. Some preceptors didn't even like that, so I had to wing it from memory afterwards (not recommended). I had anki on my phone, so even during a few minutes of downtime, I could flashcard then. But only after checking with my preceptor first so they didn't think I wa
  2. Think this belongs in PA Student General Discussion, not the professional board. Perhaps someone who used handwritten notes could answer for that. I and most of my classmates used digital notes of some sort, which makes it easy to organize by subject matter, and then search by key word or phrase. Particularly when, as during clinical rotations, you are focusing on the EoR blueprints for study. I personally found making flashcards to be very time-consuming, it would have been easy to go overboard... but still helpful in moderation. I used digital flashcards using a program called Anki. It
  3. Hi Maine PAs! Got in a discussion with some docs about independent practice for PAs. I have in the past used the following approach with success: "In how many states do PAs have independent practice? 0. If you don't think that's correct, google it and get back to me. In how many states has PA OTP been passed? Many, either in part or in full. OTP isn't independence, it's team practice, we want to be on your team." However, someone responded by linking this: https://www.aapa.org/news-central/2020/03/maine-legislature-fast-tracks-pa-legislation-to-help-combat-covid-19/ I went and looked up
  4. If you are a junior you still have a chance to bring up your cGPA and sGPA a little. More to the point, you also have the possibility of obtaining excellent grades that you can point to when asked about your earlier grades. Is it possible? Yes. Is it going to happen? Up to you. I was in a similar position 3 years ago. 2.9 GPA with a 2.8 science GPA. (I dropped out of school for a time after a bad year a while back). I tried to get all A's from that point forward (working full-time, classes part-time), but it just didn't happen, even though my grades did improve. I graduated in Dec with a cu
  5. Maybe. It will probably depend on the quality of your LoR's. Odds go up if you're willing to apply through several cycles, as your PCE will rise. Consider taking the GRE as some schools use a composite GPA/GRE for scoring so a great score can compensate a little. For comparison, I've applied the last two cycles with a 3.2 GPA and 3.1 science. 10k hours PCE, 323 GRE. Currently waitlisted. What I wouldn't give for even a slightly improved GPA... I was even told by one school that was the thing keeping them from directly accepting me. TLDR, it's easier to get more hours if you are willing
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