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  1. Hey all! Due to acceptance into my top choice program, I will be giving up my spot in this program. Good luck to you all!!
  2. I GOT ACCEPTED TOO AND I AM SO SO EXCITED!!!!! This is my top choice, so I am for sure putting my deposit down and I can’t wait to see everyone in May!!!!!!
  3. I canceled my interview for this Monday just now due to an acceptance into my top choice program! Good luck everyone and I hope someone gets my spot!
  4. Hi all! Salus holds a place in my heart since it was my first acceptance, but I have chosen to give up my spot due to an acceptance to another program closer to home. I hope this opens up an opportunity for another person!! Good luck everyone!!!!!!!!!
  5. Would just like to thank you for this advice, because I just did that and I was very lucky to have gotten a spot for this Friday’s interview too!! I went from Jan 12 to Nov 17 as well!! See you this Friday!!!!
  6. I AM SO EXCITED!!!! I was invited to an interview just this morning at around 10am by email! The only open time slot available is Jan 12th at 11am. I will be requesting to be on the wait-list for an earlier interview time, though. My stats and timeline of application: cGPA: 3.80, sGPA: 3.71, GRE: V: Q: 156 (76%) 153 (51%) W: 5 (97%), PCE: ~1100 at time of application, tons of healthcare experience in under-served clinics, lots of volunteer and work experience! CASPA submitted: 8/01 Received app: 8/03 I emailed them asking for an update: 9/25 Continued consideration: 10/2 I actually emailed them acknowledging and thanking them for the continued consideration and stupidly gave them an "updates" email which they said that they don't take but they will put it in my application file anyway, even though the adcom may or may not even look at it: 10/10 Invitation to interview: 11/13
  7. Hey everyone! Just got an interview invite for two dates: 11/30 and 12/4 (: I was very surprised I was still in the running! So don’t give up hope!!
  8. Just got an email saying to create an account to check my status and in that, I got my acceptance off the waitlist!
  9. I also rejected my interview spot so I do hope it opens up a spot for someone else!! Good luck everyone!!
  10. Thank you so much!! I do not mind at all! Public Health major finishing up my last year of undergrad! From Michigan. cGPA: 3.8 sGPA: 3.71 GRE: Q: 153 (51%), V: 156 (70ish%) W: 5 (97th % ish?) Patient care hours: ~1100 I had many volunteer experiences, public health internship, lots of research in the biology department, etc. which made up for my lack of hours (: I was assigned to the date! Let me know if you need anything else!
  11. Just got an invite to interview for the 17th for the afternoon session via email!
  12. I also received an invite! I have no idea what to expect! I tried to read some posts from past threads but I'm not entirely sure what it will consist of. Maybe MMI of sorts? Hopefully in the follow up email with the interview details they will let us know!
  13. Hi ! I just wanted to mention to you that I did not take a biochemistry lab at all and I have had no problems with pre reqs with any other school including GVSU. I took the second semester of organic chemistry this summer for GVSU and I asked them if they required the lab and they even said no it is not required with the pre requisite. They may be lying to me and I'll get screwed over later in the cycle, but if you're not incline to taking the lab this upcoming semester I would definitely check into that!
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