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  1. Hello everyone! I'm looking to find a possible preceptor for a 4 week rotation in the Ann Arbor or Detroit, Michigan area. I'm a PA-S in Philadelphia and unfortunately don't know many people out in the Midwest and my partner will be starting his residency out there in July. It can be any specialty and our rotation schedule hasn't been finalized yet so the timeline is very flexible. If anyone has any possible contacts please let me know!
  2. @priiya I second that! Just requested to join -- Katie Martin :)
  3. @ttran1021 I live in south Philly and I'm looking for someone to fill my current roommate's spot starting June 1! I'm also going to post in the group. It's about a 20 min drive from my house to campus or the broad street subway line which is relatively close.
  4. You could also look at programs that are direct bachelors to PA programs. I know Duquesne in Pittsburgh does that. I believe MEDEX in Washington state does it too.
  5. @longhornalum to be honest your other stats are dope. I wouldn’t place too much faith in GRE scores. Like I wouldn’t say it’s a big old weakness in your app because it’s not. You have very solid everything else. When did you apply? And have you been sending them patient care hours updates?
  6. @ttran1021 really you’re just asking questions similar to how you’d take a patient history. Take a look at the OPQRST method and go from there. You might find yourself asking kind of redundant questions cuz five mins is surprisingly long. Also if they give you any kind of personal info (kids, life stuff) capitalize on I‎t and ask about I‎t. Really they’re just looking to see if you can sit in a room with a complete stranger and get a history without sounding like a robot. Really just be as authentic as possible when interviewing. You know what you’re about and why you want to be where you are
  7. @jasandler327 are you going to attend?! @longhornalum my total GRÉ was 310. 93rd percentile verbal 29th percentile quant because I’m shit at timed math exams despite a tutor and 96th percentile writing. (Hey, I’m a former journalist what can I say?) I’m pretty sure Temple interviews into January. They have interviews typically once or twice a month.
  8. Just got my acceptance email at 10:30 this morning! Beyond thrilled to attend Temple next year.
  9. @@Dhall oh Lordy. Color me anxious. I interviewed on 11/6 and am checking my email every three minutes. I absolutely loved it there.
  10. @Dhall oh wow so it only took them like a week and a half to give you a decision?
  11. @Dhall @nj007 did you get a physical letter in the mail or did you get an email about acceptance?
  12. Did you get a physical letter in the mail or in an email?
  13. I submitted my supplemental application all the way back in July. Has anyone else still not heard anything? I know they're interviewing through early December but damn!
  14. From what I understand you get presented with something that says something like “ male 35 presents with back pain and chronic migraines” and then you go in and talk to them about it for 5 minutes.
  15. If anyone gets further acceptances please also post. ? (Have I lost my shit? Yes....)
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