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  1. I too prefer medical practitioner, however when abbreviated it sounds very much like NP, which I believe we want to distinguish ourselves from.
  2. Good reminder that even the boy who cried wolf has real issues even if once in a blue moon.
  3. Did we get a potassium? Alcohol withdrawal and rhabdo can go hand in hand, what about myoglobinuria? Is calcium adjusted for albumin? Low albumin from alcoholic nutritional deficiency? This guys needs fluids thrown at him, differentials are still a little up in the air for me to dive into other treatments just yet.
  4. 2nd degree block with 2:1 conduction? What's the story on the patient? So we can start throwing some differentials.
  5. I am a dirty reservist ( but am pretty active) so take that for what it's worth. I came into the AF with a non Science Bachelors and started prereqs on a deployment. I came back and hammered out school full time at the local community college and PJ requirements part time over the next year. I finished my CASPA application before going overseas again and completed my last outstanding course in the sandbox with the blessing of my professors. I also had my first kid and moved houses during this whole process. It is all totally doable, you just have to find a flexible community college and time manage well. Best of luck, pm me if I can help in any way. I start in January so I cant speak to the difficulty nor I go through SOCM.
  6. I'm all about carrying at the workplace, but there are a lot of rescue randys and folks who have unrealistic expectations of how violent encounters unfold. If you aren't 100% ok with pulling the trigger in a dynamic and violent situation and dont have the requisite training to feel comfortable doing so, you shouldn't carry. Having a weapon doesnt give you the upper hand in the workplace it puts you at a disadvantage most the time eg. (being disarmed). You are assuming a great responsibility, exposing yourself to extensive legal and physical liability. My biggest worry about avg Joe's carrying in public, work, ect is them inflicting more harm in an encounter than good. Poor weapons discipline and lack of situational awareness happens to most people handling weapons on a static one way range. Its alot different when it becomes a two way range and bullets are coming back at you. All that being said your average security guard has very little training and probably wants to make it home from their low paying job. So it all comes down to training, personal preparedness and a willingness to act when something occurs.
  7. EMEDPA, what type of course did you attend? TCCC , SOFMED, TEMS? I know there are tons of options just curious with what you went with and who ran it.
  8. Indoc grad 12-01, PJU Grad 13-03, admitted to North Greenville University Class #2. I'll remain a reservist throughout the adventure. Several of my teammates are practicing PAs and Reservist PJ's, I'm sure they moonlight here on the forums every now and then.
  9. Thank you all for your service to our country. Air Force PJ since 2011, in the CASPA application process currently. Looking to stay on as a reservist through the PA school adventure. At some point I may decide to commission into the guard or reserve as a PA to finish out my 20. I wish you all the best.
  10. For those of you who have filed for VA compensation then subsequently applied for vocational rehab (chapter 31 benefits), how long did the process take? I am still a reserve PJ and have taken my bumps and bruises over the last six years. I am not broken like some of my brothers but I do believe I might rate at 10% or higher which would leave me eligible for Chapter 31. I am deploying soon and will return this fall, matriculating in January to PA school. Knowing the speed the VA moves would it be possible to work with a Veteran Service Organization (VSO) while overseas to get the ball rolling, knocking out my claim and filing before January or is it a complete pipedream?
  11. Undergrad Ed School: University of Hawaii at Manoa Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.14 Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.36 Post Bachelor GPA: 3.38 Age at application time: 30 1st GRE: V/157 (75%), Q/154 (55%), AWA/3.0 (17%) Direct Patient Care: Approximately 8500+ hours as a USAF Pararescueman both active and as a reservist with multiple deployments and overseas training and advising trips with partner nations. Volunteer/Research Activities: Search and Rescue Volunteering Volunteering as a lifeguard and Paramedic at youth summer camp in Montana for 3 years running Oregon Disaster Management Team Exercise Volunteer Total hours: 496 hrs Shadowing: Family Medicine, PA-C Emergency Medicine PA-C Urgent Care PA-C Trauma Surgery PA-C Total Hours: 320 hrs Awards: Dean's list 1 quarter President's list 2 quarters Top graduate of Paramedic Class Letters of Recommendation: 1 Trauma Surgeon ( Medical Director) 1 Urgent Care PA-C/ Pararescueman 1 Family Practice PA-C/ Pararescueman 1 Pararescueman (supervisor) 1 A&P Professor Schools Applied: Duke, MEDEX Northwest, NGU, UNC, Utah, OHSU, Univ of Charleston, Franklin Pierce, Johnson and Wales, Southern California Univ of Health Sciences, Pacific, Heritage, South, Stanford, UC Davis, Florida, UNM, Univ of Tennessee, Witchita State Application Submitted: 06/27/2017 Application Verified: 06/29/2017 Interview Invites: North Greenville University, University of Tennessee, University of Charleston WV, Heritage Denied: Pacific, OHSU, Franklin Pierce Withdrew Application: will update Waitlisted: will update Accepted: will update Attempts: first
  12. Awesome, I'll have to do the legwork before it sneaks up on me. I'll try to remember to update things when I get it resolved.
  13. I am applying this cycle to multilple PA programs. I've looked at old threads and know this has been an issue for others in the past. I hold my NREMT-P cert which I cannot let go due to my DOD obligations. If I am accepted, my recert window will fall sometime during the clinical year. Has anyone's found success with their program or medical director to have the didactic year satisfy requirements?
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