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  1. Mind sharing as well. I am looking into fellowships as Im about to graduate in 3 months. My end goal is EM and I know I wont have a chance if I don't do a fellowship.
  2. Best of luck to everyone Still waiting on mine for a response for mine. No rejection so far so still crossing my fingers
  3. Hi, I am a Sept 13 interviewee and def would love to join you for dinner if you guys have already set up a time and date let me know :))))
  4. Who did you interview with and how many people interviewed you? Was it a one to one or group?
  5. I'm wondering the same thing. It looks like they are very GPA specific. Now I am doubting if I should spend the money to apply this year.
  6. Does anybody know appx. when they start sending rejections/interview invites. I know that last year they started interviewing in Aug, by Oct most of their seats have been filled. i'm worried bec I will be out of the country pretty much the beginning of Aug for 3 weeks... :((((
  7. Just submitted mine today 5/19! Crossing my fingers!
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