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  1. Also- CONGRATS to all of those who have already been accepted, I’m sure I have met many of you either during the tours or at the dinners. I’m pumped to see you guys again next year. This is such an awesome program, I’m excited for y’all to have the opportunity to learn here! Work hard the rest of the year and save up money. I know for me and a bunch of others in my class, I’ve had a source of income consistently for the last 10 years, so now that I’m not working during school it has been a bit of a learning curve on “how to not go bankrupt living on a fixed budget of student loans
  2. Like Checko said, the time of your interview really doesn’t matter. I interviewed in one of the last groups and there are a bunch of people from my interview group in class with me. A good majority of the people who interviewed in the last session also made it in. This program really does a great job at keeping everything on a level field once you get the opportunity to interview. PLUS- if you walk in with another acceptance already in hand, I have personally experienced that your attitude at interviewing everywhere else is much more relaxed and confident, which helps tremendously. Congrats on
  3. TBH I am of the mindset that if you don't have to, don't. From my experience, schools are willing (to some extent) to overlook a bad class or 2 as long as you can compensate in other areas, like experience and extracurriculars. Really all depends on the grades and the school though. A couple C's won't kill your chances, especially in the harder classes, but they certainly don't help them either. Any prereqs with lower than a solid C for sure needs to be re-done, and I would personally knock those out sooner than later if possible. If you have time, also re-take the more relevant classes (A&
  4. Hey guys, My name is Logan and I am a new first year at the University of Florida. It wasn't long ago at all that I was sitting where you are sitting, knee deep in the application journey for PA school. I have compiled a list of things which opened my eyes to the application process after having been through it twice, as well as things I wish I had known going into the process which I think would've helped me be better prepared. A little background on me-- I got my degree in Athletic Training at Nova Southeastern University in Florida, where I was SUPER involved in extracurricular
  5. Yeah. When they called they should've given it to you as well, but I believe it is 2-3 weeks after you get the letter by mail. So like a month-ish after the call.
  6. Yay! That's awesome!! Congrats! Welcome to the class of 2020!! ?
  7. From my understanding, and I could be wrong, but most of the acceptances are extended towards the middle of December. So maybe next week-ish? The way they explained it during our interviews was that if you didn't hear anything right away, don't stress it because those were just the people who topped their lists off the bat. The majority of people would be getting their acceptance or alternate notification sometime in mid December. So I wouldn't pack the car just yet :)
  8. Well guys, looks like someone is about to get an acceptance off the waitlist! I was accepted to my dream school and just sent Cecil the email turning down my acceptance. Best of luck to everyone!!
  9. I totally agree. I would also recommend going back through your transcripts and your experiences and be able to talk through any deficiencies or things which you think are unique that set you apart. For me, it was the diversity of my experiences and quantity of quality patient care hours which I really played up. Be yourself and don't stress it. Seriously. I thought I absolutely bombed the interview, to the point that I was already looking at housing options and moving logistics for the other school I was accepted to when Kerry called with the acceptance. You don't know what they are looking f
  10. Proud to be a Florida Gator!! Class of 2020 here I come ?. Just got the call as well
  11. CASPA verified 5/12 Initial review: 5/15 2nd level review: 5/19 Interviewed 11/13 & 11/15 waiting to hear back on an acceptance (fingers crossed)
  12. They said at our interview that some years they only burn through a couple spots and other years they have burned through over half of it. Just depends on the year.
  13. Whoa. You can probably rent a car from the airport for cheaper. I got a deal on a rental car when I booked my flight and paid like $26 to have my own car.
  14. Congrats! And if I'm not mistaken, they are interviewing a total of 120 for 50 seats. And I flew in to SLC and drove down. It's only about a 40 minute drive.
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