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  1. The previous cycle was my third time applying and I got only one interview which ended up being a rejection. I'm not very optimistic about the next cycle considering how the previous three went. I'm thinking about throwing in the towel. I know I'm going to hear the typical "if it's your dream then you should never give up" speech but I'm not getting any younger and the time and resources being spent applying adds up. Here are my stats... Overall GPA: 3.20Science GPA: ~3.10GRE: 155 V, 157 Q, 4.0 A (Plan on retaking with confidence that I will do better) My GPA is low because I did not
  2. I've recently started looking into them. Do you know people who have taken that route specifically for PA and how did that turn out for them?
  3. I have applied to a diversity of schools. Selecting the ones that don't have the 3.0 sGPA requirement since that has disqualified me from a lot of other schools.
  4. I've been feeling depressed lately about not getting into PA school. With this upcoming cycle, it will be my third time applying. I've listed the options I'm considering and would like your input. I'm open to other suggestions too. Here are my stats... BS in Biological Sciences 2014. Licensed Pharmacy Technician. Science GPA 2.95 and Overall 3.10 About 4000 healthcare experience hours. 1500 from Patient Care Technician mainly on an Orthopedic/Surgical Unit. 500 from Pharmacy Technician. 1800 from Patient Transport. 200 from Physician shadowing. GRE: 155 Verbal, 157 Quantitative, 4.0 Writing.
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