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  1. My class graduates in 4 months but has been put on hold indefinitely as they've canceled rotations for now... We were discussing something similar for PA-students: "skip" last rotations and be given a provisional license to practice under a PA or MD right now (100% supervision legally) while the state of emergency is in effect. This in effect allows a provider to supervise 2-3 students at a time which give us a fighting chance to treat all the other ancillary BS that's still coming in to clinics- lacs, flu, ortho injuries, sinusitis, back pain etc etc. Mainly staffing UC/FM/tele health ce
  2. I graduate in August (maybe? they've suspended our rotations for now so who knows). I am little late to the party but my answer is "no". I love medicine and the mental stimulus I get from working in it. I take a lot of contentment out of helping people and improving QOL and hopefully length of life too. But I have too much to lose to cash in that way. Maybe I don't care enough, but at the end of the day it's a job. My family isn't replaceable. This whole crisis has helped me frame what type of jobs I'll be looking for once I graduate (surgical specialties/rheum/cards/onc)
  3. Is a UNMC DMSc degree in the works? Or are you just hopeful they may in the future? I also can’t fathom why UNMC doesn’t have a post-grad program for PAs yet
  4. As far as I understood the survey and video from AAPA they whittled down hundreds of names (many of which were excluded for legal reasons) I’m guessing Medical Science practitioner was one of those that was excluded for legal/legislative reasons
  5. Yeah, we are. So are PTs, RTs, podiatrists, and a bunch of other health professions.
  6. I am about 1/2 way through my clinical year and graduation/job search is approaching quick. I have always heard the advice that you should choose something more general for your first position and sub-specialize later if you want. However, I am really enjoying a rotation in a fairly niche sub-specialty (Gyn Onc Surg) and there's the possibility for a job in said specialty. Would choosing something specialized really be a hindrance on my career down the road?
  7. I graduate from PA school in about 8mo. Is this what I have to look forward to?
  8. Not sure if you're being sarcastic, but I'll assume you're being sincere. Eh. I don't think anyone gets into allied health positions for the money. I didn't at least. But the money is there if you want it and will work for it. I know a few PAs that make upwards of 200-300k. They aren't working 8-5 M-F (with an hour lunch) in primary care though. I don't buy into the whole "you have to be called to the profession" bullshit they sell you but I think if you go in eyes wide open that if you work your tail off for 2 years you'll have a relatively comfortable life making 100+ doing something th
  9. PANCE pass rate >> Cost >> everything else.
  10. As Ronnie Coleman once said "everyone wants to be a bodybuilder but nobody wants to lift no heavy-a** weights". This is what it takes to become a PA. You don't think I'm sitting in clinical rotations thinking about "just getting paid" too? I think you need to take a step back and evaluate what you're doing and either buck-up and finish school, or quit now and save yourself a little $. Are you going to be miserable for the next decade as a PA d/t stress? Clinical rotations should be FUN. You shouldn't be stressed at all, really. They all expect that you know nothing so the bar is incredibly low
  11. you're def not alone. You're going to relearn it all in rotations and then again when studying for the PANCE.
  12. Any inter-professional events or mock patient activities we must be dressed in either scrubs or business casual. Otherwise we can wear what we want. I don't see the point of a dress code, personally. At this stage in our lives I think my last concern is whether I'm wearing sweats or not to class
  13. Sorry if this is posted elsewhere, I checked the specialties section and did a brief search... Anyone here an Ophthalmology PA? I'm really liking it in didactic and noticed the generous salary in the AAPA 2018 report (albeit a n of 7) so just trying to gauge what exactly Ophtho PAs do, how they like their work etc. Thanks, Boli
  14. I think your situation is hard due to the distance from your spouse. However having family around helps. I started PA school with a 5mo old and it's been tough but do-able. I think it just comes down to what you're willing to make a priority. You probably won't have time to do much self care for the first semester or two. I guess what I'm trying to say is that it's going to be hard whether you defer or not so- from one sleep deprived parent to a "soon to be one" just get it done with.
  15. I admittedly didn't read the OP in full. My take on your question (although sounds like you're going to apply regardless) is that the entire application process is not black and white- at all. It depends on what schools you apply to, which person reviews your application, the quality of other applicants, etc. If I was reviewing your application give the information provided I would be concerned at the lack of a PA/MD/NP LOR. Enough to say no interview? eh... Probably not. My personal bias, as stated before, is that grades and professor LORs don't mean much in terms of the kind of PA student or
  16. If you know the answer to your question why did you post? To flex with your stats? The point (as Rev and others above have reiterated) of the provider LOR is that they can speak to your aptitude for the profession of practicing medicine. No other LOR can do that- not a prof, a colleague, or a supervisor. A lot of people are smart and good students but why will you make a good health care provider? That's the question the provider LOR should answer. I understand the difficulty in procuring them and I was lucky to have worked in a hospital setting where I could foster those relationships. T
  17. Thanks for all the insight and replies. It helps that we are anticipating moving to a lower cost of living area after I complete school. I think if I go the PSLF route it will be important to find ways to reduce my taxable income and really minimize the discretionary income like LT, d-wade and others have suggested (hello 403B contributions). I appreciate the help!
  18. I'm looking for some perspectives on what people recommend as far as loan repayment goes after school. When I graduate in 2020 I will have ~175k in loans from school (undergrad and out-of-state PA) and my wife has her own 100k from her professional program. We are both eligible to participate in "Public Service Loan Forgiveness" wherein you make 120 qualifying payments (10 years) and the remaining balance is forgiven. This is what my wife has been doing for several years but I've heard some horror stories about end of term application for loan forgiveness where the Gov said "whoops, sorry doe
  19. every dollar you take in loans you'll pay back 3x over by the end of your repayment. Also, idk your living arrangement with your parents but Like Ejohns20 said, I assume included in living with them is food, utilities, internet, cable, furniture etc etc. Those add up so fast and will turn your "cheap place" into a not so cheap place that you're paying for with money you don't have. My schedule is different than some students, but I get up early enough that traffic isn't a problem on my drive. Getting to school by 6am allows me to study for 2 hours before class and get my day organized. Saving
  20. I think a lot of it depends on your life situation. I'm in my first year now and I have some days where I struggle with the PA vs med school choice. I anticipate that the feeling won't completely go away in the future, either. If I were 23 and didn't have a family (wife, kids etc) I think I'd have given med school a much harder look. As it were, I didn't want to be an absent father and starting my career as an attending at almost age 40. I didn't want to have to move around for med school, residency, fellowship etc. The list goes on and on for my life situation as to why MD wasn't the right ch
  21. A lot of the above advice is sound. I'll add in (and this might be a repeat as I didn't read every post verbatim) but wait to buy books until you talk to some 2nd year students about what books they actually used. I spend hundreds of dollars on books I didn't even open this semester bc I didn't take that advice. Also, a lot of the 2nd year students will be looking to sell their copies for cheap if you wait! Many books (at my program at least) were used as reference texts in addition to the lectures- aka you won't have time to reference anything. Buying any of the RECOMMENDED but not requ
  22. I'm always very surprised to see "old-school" PA's champion against increasing the prestige and applicability of the PA degree (whether it be a DMSc or a MPAS or whatever). Then I remember that these are the same people that stood by passively and watched NPs push into the stratosphere legislatively while comforting themselves that "we are better providers" and "our training is actually in medicine". Spend 10 minutes on the forum or looking at jobs and you'll realize that we F'd up by tying the profession to physician groups that no longer have the hiring power they did when private practice w
  23. I'm not sure if EMEDPA caught what you meant by DL, but in my experience it's not a "online" program model. It's multiple campuses (with classmates, physical exam rooms, professors etc at each campus) that connect via video and microphone to conduct shared classes... You can call it a way to make more money or whatever but it extends a particular program across multiple cities in a state (Omaha and Kearney for example) I agree that "online" school is a joke and not a way to learn medicine. OP, I don't go to UNMC but I attend a school that uses DL. TBH I don't think it's a big deal. You st
  24. my onenote didn't come with the massive cloud storage that some student accounts get... so I paid for the space upgrade. All my notes are digital and sync between my comp/iPad/phone. Buy a gym membership if you don't get one through school or where you live bc you'll need the stress relief and can review stuff while you do cardio.
  25. What PA school is going to take on a person who failed PANCE 6x though?
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