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  1. Accepted from the October 31st interview! Most likely will be attending as well :)
  2. Yeah I already know a few people who withdrew as well so there's def some spots that will open up even though the class is technically full!
  3. Also received an interview for 10/31! It's a casual dinner the night before with the first year PA students, info on it is in the e-mail they sent us!
  4. Just received an invite for 9/22!! This was a complete shocker. I got my email of acknowledgement on 6/12!
  5. I would have been so interested in attending this information session, ironically I'll be working in the ER at Bridgeport Hospital that day :( definitely interested in this program since it sounds like an amazing opportunity.
  6. Also got accepted via phone call! From the 8/11 interview. This program was nicer than I thought, first time in philly and I really liked it :)
  7. Thank you! Drexel said they received my application on June 8th, and they extended the interview on July 13th.
  8. I received an e-mail for my interview this friday 8/11. I think they only call you if you get accepted!
  9. Also accepted! I was really happy seeing everything this school had to offer :)
  10. Okay I also just received the e-mail saying they have received my complete application! Guess now we have to wait a another two months for possible interviews
  11. It's actually on administrative probation, not academic probabtion, due to something pretty silly. Their academics are stellar, the last class had a 100% pass rate for the PANCE and I think the year before was 98%. The next accreditation meeting isn't till 2023 I think, and they plan to have it back to a continued status then, which shouldn't be a problem the faculty said. The program is accredited and all graduates are eligible to sit for the PANCE!!
  12. Congrats to all who have gotten interviews and those who got accepted!!! You guys must be thrilled :) as a late applicant, I was wondering if anyone knew how many seats are still left?
  13. I really wanted to apply here but I only have one clinical reference :( that's something they'd probably notice right?
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