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  1. I just gave up my interview spot for 9/26. Hopefully someone will get my interview spot. Good luck all.
  2. As we begin to welcome people into the the class of 2020 I made a facebook group so that we can meet and get to know each other. https://www.facebook.com/groups/311733405960429/
  3. @tiedyepa that is strange that you didn't get a call. I'm sorry for the email but you are an amazing applicant with a great story. Keep at it.
  4. @tiedyepa I am very grateful to have been offered a spot in the program. How about you?
  5. Keep your heads up @BShaf and @lwolfe3, you were both awesome! I hope for good news in the future for you guys!
  6. For anyone that will be interviewing this coming Wednesday, I checked the weather and it shows thunderstorms. Just FYI. See you all soon.
  7. Hey all, I'll also be interviewing on 9/26. Excited to meet everyone.
  8. I will also be there on the 6th. If anyone wants to meet up the day or so before the interview, let me know. I am coming from California and hoping to fly in Tuesday morning.
  9. Hey! I went to an info session on Monday and they said the committee hasn't met yet so we may start hearing things in about 3 weeks. Hope that helps.
  10. I submitted in mid May and received the supplemental invite on 6/23. Hope that helps.
  11. Hi Boli, Yes, I received an email yesterday saying that I met criteria and my application was sent for full faculty review. How about you? Good luck all!
  12. I haven't received anything yet. Did anyone receive a confirmation that they received your application? Good luck everyone!
  13. I submitted on May 12 and it was verified as complete on May 15. Interview invite on May 24.
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