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  1. I'm currently studying for the GRE which im taking in 2.5 weeks. I've been using magoosh book and ETS website but still feel unprepared. My goal is to make over 310 or higher to hopefully offset my average GPA. For those who have taken it, what are some of your tips? Especially for the verbal section and memorizing definitions? Thank you!
  2. Thank you so much for your input!
  3. Hi guys, I'm currently in the process of setting up my application for CASPA since its opening soon. I have some hospital volunteer hours from high school that is most likely >100 hours. I volunteered at my local hospital from 9th-10th grade. However, that hospital has gone through multiple changes (it's pretty bad) and I don't have the contact information or name of the person that ran that volunteer service (also it's has been like 5+ years). Can I still count these hours in my CASPA application...It just seems like a waste if I don't. I have never applied before so I'm still a noob at all of this. Thank you in advance for any inputs that I receive!
  4. Hi guys, Would anyone be willing to share your experiences and advice as either a past emory student or current one? This my top school and I'm working very hard to hopefully land an interview next year *finger cross*. Thank you in advance for any inputs!
  5. @HanSolo my current PCE is 1200 and I currently work as ED scribe which an admission administrator at Emory who came to my university did say is a great experience.
  6. Hi guys, I'm currently a senior majoring in Neuroscience and I'm on track to graduate Spring 2019. What are your opinion on taking a gap year? I'm currently deciding whether I should take a gap year to improve my application or apply this upcoming April when CASPA opens. My dream school right now is Emory and their application process is pretty competitive (like most school). They require a minimum of 2000 hours of PCE. So far this is my application status: cGPA: 3.5 sGPA: 3.5 PCE: 1200 Volunteers: 200+ Research: 72 hours (more neuroscience related materials rather than healthcare, I don't know if this counts) Shadow: in process GRE: Planning to take this spring Personal statement: Have not started but I will soon LOR: I have 2 doctors that said they'll write me one, planning to get at least one-two from PA through shadowing, and maybe one professor or employer I've kind of grew up with the mentality that I have to finish everything on time or be ahead of things. I know, it's a bad mentality to have. It's difficult trying to make this decision to take a gap year because all I could think about is when i'm taking a break all of my friend will be either in med school or starting a new career. And if I don't get accepted when I apply after the gap year *knock on wood* then I would be back to square one and waiting again... I also don't think my application is that impressive and that worries me. So what are your experiences with taking a gap year or if you didn't take a gap year, would you do it if you could again? I would love to know!
  7. I'm also a scribe and trying to earn some DPC. One thing you might want to make sure is if the school you apply to will accept any type of scribe work. I know that emory only accept ED scribes, and not office scribes. You can also try to elaborate about your job as a scribe and mention in your essay that you do get one on one time with the patient and prove to them that you do provide direct care the patients. I know some schools don't consider scribing as DPC because they think that all scribes do is document information and because scribing didn't really began until a few years ago, there are still people who dont even know what a scribe do. Good luck to you!
  8. Thank you for the insight. I am also going to take biochem as well, which I hope I will ace and show that I do understand the materials. I have taken the full year of general chemistry and passed them with B. the ochem I'm taking right now is Organic chem 1. I'm also hoping to take ochem 2 in the fall and pass that as well. If i do pass ochem 2 with lets say an A, would that be good enough?
  9. Hi guys! I'm hoping someone can give me some insight or personal advice for my current situation. So basically, I took Ochem in the spring of 2017 but failed it with a D because I was going through a tough time and a lot of stress. My mother passed away a month after spring semester started and during midterm week. Chem is already a tough subject for me because I'm more of a biology person (hence why Im majoring in BIO), but because of my situation I was having a really tough time concentrating in school. And to make it worse, my ochem teacher was a total ass and wasn't lenient of my situation so I ended up taking my midterm 6 hours after I landed home from the airport. (mom funeral was in cali) However, I was in a bad situation mentally and started to go downhill in ochem. It affected my gpa badly, so i ended up retaking the class this summer and got stuck with the same asshole teacher since she was the only one teaching this course. I've worked really hard in this class, while balancing my other classes and Hospital work, however, I still might get out of this class with a C. Which isnt great, but it's still passing. So my question is, how bad will this look on my transcript? I'm doing well in my upper bio classes, but it's only ochem that's really the struggle for me. I know that when you retake a class, you have to aim and make like an A in it to show that you understand the material, which I clearly didnt do. How badly will this affect my chances when applying to PA school? I am aiming to have an upward trend from here till I graduate and hoping to Ace all of my upper level major classes. And I think i can graduate with a cumulative and science gpa of 3.4. I am also currently an ED scribe, trying build up patient care hours. I also have hospital volunteer hours since middle school, and I'm positive I can get some great recommendation letters from the physicians and PA im working with. The only thing that really worries me is my GPA, and that one D I have. It would be amazing if I can get some advice or feedback regarding this. Thank you in advance!
  10. This might be stupid question but I never got a clear answer on it, so I hope one of you guys can help me. I have my institutional GPA from the college I'm attending right now and I also have an overall GPA of all the classes I took, going back to dual enrollment. I know Caspa calculates everything for you, but once I graduate, will PA school look at my institutional GPA or my overall GPA?
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