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  1. Has anyone taken the Casper test? Or know if you have to take it before the admission committee will review your application? I signed up and the only closest date would be on August 11th and I would hate for this one test to hold me back
  2. Oh thank you! I must have missed that cause I did not see it.
  3. Does Augusta require a personal statement? I know in the supplemental it ask about "Explain any academic challenges, successes, or obstacles in your life that impacted your ability to achieve your goals", which I presume is not it.
  4. After completing the supplemental app, has it been stone cold silent for anyone else? I paid my fee and received a receipt but afterwards haven't had any updates regarding my application.
  5. When filling out the supplemental app and inputing the courses, how did you guys fill out that section for classes that included a lab? For example: I took chem I and it was a 4 credit class, since it included the lab in the course. On UAB application, there is a separate section for the class and then for the lab. I ended up filling out the lab section (chem Lab) exactly the same as I did for the course section (chem I). Does anyone know what's the most appropriate way to fill this out?
  6. Do you guys know how detrimental the supplemental application is? I accidentally scrolled past the section that asked about my major and didn't fill it out. Now i'm worried this might affect my chance. Even though, the whole supplemental for south is repetitive since CASPA would have all of the information.
  7. Would anyone who has been through the supplemental section for Emory, be willing to take a look at mines and provide me with some feedbacks? I'm not the best writer and would love to have someone who's been through the same process take a look at my essay.
  8. I used to work as an MA at an urgent care last year. After a few months on the job and the departure of other MAs, I was soon put in an unofficial position of lead MA. Since I had experience in both front and back office, plus knowledge in performing a bunch of diagnostic testing, I ended up training three MA for mainly front desk work and other simple back office procedures. My manager also put me in charge of almost all of the responsibilities in the office. There were two offices, and I was considered the main MA at this location. Would these count under leadership experiences? And if so, how would I split my hours without double-dipping? I wanted to list these responsibilities under my MA description in PCE, but with the limited characters it was a bit difficult.
  9. I don't know if I'm tripping but I swore I saw it when CASPA first opened but now it's gone. And it isn't even on CASPA website.
  10. Where did you find the COVID essay? For some reason, I can't seem to find it on my caspa portal/application.
  11. For this cycle, I was able to get a total of 5 LORs. Two from PAs that I shadowed for many months, an ED MD whom I have worked/scribed for over 3 years, and two NPs whom I have also worked with for approximately 8 months. I sent the request out in this order, "PA 1, PA 2, MD, NP, NP". Now I'm curious, how do PA schools decide which letter they will read? Both NPs voluntarily emailed me their LOR so that I could keep it in my record , and both letters honestly blew me away. They were so genuine and spoke about me not only as an individual but also as a student, leader, and worker. Both NPs also emphasised alot on my patient care interactions and relationships. Now I'm concern that the admission committee won't read those letters from the NPs since they're on the bottom of the list, since most schools only require 3 LORs. I have faith that my other LORs will be amazing too since I have good relationships with all three, both PAs were on the admission committees (so they should have an understanding of what is needed in a good LOR) and the MD has written multiple LORs in the past. But the sucky part is that all three of them won't be able to speak for my leadership skills or clinical skills (MA). Does anyone know the process behind this? Or should I just email the other two LORs to each schools afterwards?
  12. Hey guys, does anyone know how strict South is on BCP GPA? I know on their website, it states that applicants "Should" have atleast a 3.0. I'm asking because my sGPA is pretty low and my BCP is worse. I feel like my PCE and other stats should help contrast my lower GPA. Still...I'm hoping my lower BCP GPA won't disqualify my application immediately.
  13. I'm currently studying for the GRE which im taking in 2.5 weeks. I've been using magoosh book and ETS website but still feel unprepared. My goal is to make over 310 or higher to hopefully offset my average GPA. For those who have taken it, what are some of your tips? Especially for the verbal section and memorizing definitions? Thank you!
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