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  1. I was also waitlisted but will be giving up my spot to attend another program! I wish all of you the best!
  2. I definitely did not get that email. I have to accommodate an hour or so during work to makeup my missed session. If this is true, that’s quite discouraging and unfair to others who have to make up their interviews.
  3. I was emailed back and it looks like we won't be able to make up the interview until the new year starts, so probably the first or second week of January.
  4. I still have two interview sessions that I have not been able to make up. I reached out last week and didn't get a response until yesterday to schedule the makeup today and tomorrow. So far, still no update so I've been refreshing my email like crazy. I feel relieve that I'm not the only one T_T
  5. Thank you! I was also emailed yesterday and this makes me feel a little better since I've been anxious all day waiting for an email, but haven't gotten anything. It still worries me though because they said that people will find out by next week if they got accepted or not. If you don't mind me asking, which day did you interview?
  6. Has anyone who experienced technical difficulties with the interviews been able to make up it up yet?
  7. Has anyone who experienced technical difficulties with the interviews been able to make up it up yet?
  8. I'm interviewing at 1pm and I have not receive anything yet. I remember Corey stating that he will send out emails regarding the schedule in the evening. Im guessing they're still finalising everything, since the second group for the introduction today finished around 5-6pm.
  9. For those who have been accepted to the program, after receiving your acceptance email and placing down your deposit, did any of you receive another email from augusta? Or have you guys started another process for them such as financial aid, immunization, etc?
  10. Has anyone receive an email regarding more information about the interview? They were supposed to send one last week but I haven’t received anything yet.
  11. Congratulations to you too! If you don’t mind, when did you get your application complete email? I got mine on the 10th so I’m hoping for some good news soon ):
  12. Congratulations! Would you be willing to share your stats?
  13. It might be from the exhaustion of applying for PA schools since April and working a 10+ hours shift...but is anyone else having a brain fart moment writing the narrative?
  14. Does anyone know how many interviews are left? I applied in June and still have not received any updates.
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