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  1. Just an update (as of 9-1-2017) for anyone following this topic: I started on my NCMB application on 4/28/2017 and got most documentation submitted within two weeks of that. They were very quick about processing these items on the checklist. I graduated PA school on 8/11/2017, took my PANCE on 8/23/2017, received my PANCE results from NCCPA on 8/31/2017 and on 9/1/2017 the NCMB finished reviewing my application. They have given their stamp of approval and will be issuing my license. Everything went smoothly and QUICKLY! In regards to my initial posting - NCMB does NOT issue temporary licenses, and DEA/NPI licenses cannot be done until you have a medical board license.
  2. I am graduating 8/11/2017 and moving to North Carolina from Texas. Unfortunately my PA Program only has information in regards to licensing in Texas, so I was hoping I could get some info here. 1. I have already filled out the NCMB app and printed my checklist, and I am currently working on completing that checklist but I noticed it doesn't provide info about: Jurisprudence exam (do you guys have to take that?) NPI registration DEA registration -Any info on those items? 2. What's the expected timeline for processing the application/getting licensed ? - Will it be necessary to obtain a temporary license? Any information in regards to the North Carolina application process would be much appreciated! My program provided students with a very detailed checklist/survival guide with instructions/personal tips for the Texas Medical Board Application and I am hoping there is something similar out there for NC!
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