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  1. Deposit is due 10 days after you receive your final offer. Good luck!
  2. Anyone interested, please friend me on FB - Johanna Orca-Handyside - so I can invite you to join the group. I would friend request you all myself, but I want to make sure I'm requesting the correct people to join the group. I look forward to getting to know you all!
  3. Hi everyone! I wanted to start a thread for members of the class of 2020 since those acceptance letters are rolling in. Other classes have created a Facebook page for their cohort, is that how you all want to communicate? If so, I'll create the page, post the name here, and you can request to join. I look forward to getting to know you all and to begin this exciting journey!
  4. If you're accepted with that cohort, you'll hear in 10-14 days. If you're denied, you'll be notifed of that as well. But if you're not accepted with your cohort but not denied, you'll continued to be considered with future cohorts until you're accepted, waitlisted, or denied.
  5. If anyone wants to meet for a cup of coffee before the interviews tomorrow, let me know!
  6. JoSide

    Work experience

    I have an interview later this month, and in reviewing my application I realized that I didn't enter information for a few jobs that were not medically related (barista, prep cook, and client development for my husband's office) into my CASPA application. Would it be best for me to go into my interviews with updated resumes showing these jobs (one I only worked for a few months to make some extra money during the holidays, another was seasonal, and the last one I am currently working at in a very informal manner)?
  7. I am also interviewing on January 13th!
  8. Is it necessary to include all work experiences? For example, I picked up some odd jobs here and there for a few months at a time just to make extra cash, but they were not medically related at all (I worked at a coffee shop and picked up some hours at my husband's workplace).
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