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  1. I am surprised that you got rejected all programs you applied last year. What you described in here is a lot like my story, so I felt strange when I was reading your post. I am a ICU nurse too. My GPA is slightly lower than yours, but I have longer ICU experience. I also graduated with Magna Cum Laude from my nursing program(ADN) in 2011. My GRE is not very good either, thought I haven't taken the test officially. I also got LORs from NP, PA, and MD from my unit. I hope to see you get many interviews this year! (and will get into the program you want) I wish you luck!! :)
  2. Thank you for comments and advice! I used all 5 LORs link from CASPA, so I don't think I can get a LOR from professor. I graduate too long ago, so I don't have any professor I can ask either. I will just try and see what happens. Thank you for encouragement. I hope everyone will get into program this cycle! Good luck!!
  3. Another reason I am sweating is GRE. I read many people saying schools filter out students based on GRE score and my GRE (verbal) is low side.
  4. Thank you for advice. I think I get nervous because my choices are limited as anewconvert said. I know most of people apply 5~10+ schools, and I am only applying two. I think I am okay with HCE, but I also know many students have much higher GPA than me. I hope the schools I am applying weight more on HCE than GPA (or GRE). Thanks for everyone who commented!
  5. Hi all, I feel nervous as time coming closer, so I need to do a reality check. Any advice and suggestions will be greatly appreciated!!! My overall GPA 3.3 (I know it is pretty Iow--I recalculated after I post this**) - Undergraduate GPA 3.0 (Electronics engineering major) - My post-undergraduate GPA 3.7 ( AA degree in nursing) - Pre-reqs all As (A&P 1&2 x twice (I had to take again b/c I took it more than 7 yrs ago), Micro, statistics, biochem, medical terminology, psy, sociology) HCE: RN for 6 years, about 9,000 + hrs (last 3 yrs in ICU at 300+ beds hospital, certified critical care nurse, have ACLS &BLS, Good amount of experience with code blue, hypothermia, STEMI/ NSTEMI, CRRT and others) I am getting LORs from 1 NP, 2 PA, 1 MD from my work. I am currently working on my Personal Statement, but honestly I am not a good writer. English is my second language. I am taking GRE next month. I am okay with a standardized test. (I passed NCLEX and CCRN on first attempt.) But I am not good at verbal section. ETS practice test only showed 145~149 in verbal. which is less than 40%. I know my GPA is low side. I am only applying locally in MD (CCBC/towson & AACC/UMB) due to my family. Any comments appreciated!!! Thank you so much!! :) P.S. Please don't advice me to go to NP school. Thanks!!!
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