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  1. Okay, that’s what I thought. Thank you!
  2. Might be an obvious question to some, but if you’re waitlisted at schools that require a pre-req, should you still send the transcript to them even if you are waitlisted or wait until you (hopefully, if it happens) get accepted? I haven’t heard back from these schools yet, but I did finish my course and was wondering what to do. Thank you!
  3. @UGoLong - Alright, will do. Thank you for answering all of my questions! @mohsderm2016 - What are your stats? (if you don't mind me asking) And what schools did you apply to? @ejw50 - Well that's a little reassuring! Thank you!
  4. @UGoLong but what if decisions come out in August and it's based on my current score? Wouldn't it be pointless then to be scheduled to take it in September?
  5. @UGoLong (or anyone that would know) - If I plan on taking the GRE early/mid September and schools start releasing decisions in August/September, then how do I let them know that I'm still in the process of retaking it and could potentially earn a better score? Does this make sense?
  6. @pastudentw @UGoLong - Very true. Thank you both for your advice!
  7. @UGoLong - Yes, but at least it's on subjects that I'm genuinely interested in unlike math/verbal lol
  8. @love23cali - I have that book and the ETS book. Bought Magoosh as well. I felt prepared but apparently I wasn't lol.... Just not cut out for these types of tests which is what's holding me back to retake it :/
  9. My issue is the time frame. Would it be too late to take it say in September? I know schools start sending out invites in August, so how would I be able to notify that I'm trying to achieve a better score? (These are the schools I applied to: UF, FGCU, Keiser, Nova [Orlando, Ft. Lauderdale, Jacksonville], PCOM [Georgia campus], Barry [Miami], and Uni of South Alabama)
  10. @valdivia.ashley - Posted some more stats above ^, but I definitely know how you're feeling about the GRE. My first time was horrible. Thank you so much for the encouragement! Good luck on your GRE!
  11. @UGoLong - HCE: around 30 LORs: 1 PA, 1 MD, 1 LPN/co-worker, and 1 professor (orgo) Personal statement is pretty strong. This would be my 3rd time taking the GRE. Standardized tests are not my thing, unfortunately. I'm losing stamina and confidence, so I'm at a roadblock at my choices right now.
  12. My stats: Cum GPA: 3.5 sGPA: 3.57 Non-science GPA: 3.26 GRE: 294 (Q - 149, V - 144, Writing - 4.0) PCE Hours: 1040 Volunteer hours: 400+ Shadowing hours: 145 Submitted CASPA: 06/27/17 Applied to 9 schools: 1 does not consider GRE scores, 1 has a min score of 145 in each section, 1 has a required combined score of 294, and the rest are 150 in each section. My GRE score is trash. I'm so consumed by my score, and I don't know what to do at this point. Should I retake it or just wait it out? I'm also concerned about my non-science GPA. Any advice would help.
  13. Do you guys think it would be too late for me to retake the GRE?
  14. So, I retook the GRE and received a 294. Improved a lot from the first time around, but I'm just not a great standardized test taker. I don't want to retake it again because I'm not sure I will improve enough for what PA schools see as "average" (my stamina is diminishing), but I would love some input on what I should do. My GPA, HCE, extracurriculars, etc are pretty good, so I'm hoping that will outweigh my score.
  15. Hello, I would love for some good feedback on my personal statement if anyone is willing to edit/read over it! I would greatly appreciate it! :)
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