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  1. I guess they put me on the spot and I shouldn’t have offered a number and now I would like to go back up on the salary but I feel like the opportunity has come and gone. They ran the 85k counter back by the doc and he agreed. Although if I would have given them the number I wanted it would have been 90k. I’m from Louisiana and salaries are low in the state.
  2. New grad pain management position offered. 4 years ortho experience just to help with ortho side of things. Job is: M-Th 830-430, F 830-12. No procedures, no injections(except for joint injections or toradol for the occasional request). No call, no hospital responsibilities. Basically just office clinical management of oral meds. Verbal offer was 75,000 and I stupidity countered with only 85,000 salary...still room to negotiate but I wish I didn’t counter that low. 3 weeks PTO. 401K after one year with 5% match. Free food in caf. Production-based incentives. Also we discussed
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