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  1. I rented netters anatomy book on kindle and started casually studying diagrams to learn some structures and names. Doubt it will help much but maybe when we start learning I'll recognize some! I've always been a little bookworm.
  2. Hey, theres been a lot of posts on this in the past. I would keep digging around if no one gets to you soon enough. Wanted to chime in because there are so many who do go on to become PA from RN.
  3. I think its essential to have these discussions that are popping up to show the realities of debt and how people are managing. It is nice that people are offering tips and suggestions for future PA students. Everyone has different expectations and it is good to see a variety of inputs to make an average to go off of. I appreciate everyone's contributions.
  4. Where do we draw the line? Most of us are taking out loans for school and to live off of to pay the Bill's. How much is reasonable? Gaining admission is difficult and sometimes we get wait-listed or rejected from cheaper institutions and are left with the choice to decline acceptances and try again the following year but sometimes its unrealistic.
  5. I would love to eventually work in EM or UC as well. I am very interested in 12hr shifts. What would you recommend for a new grad or should everyone start in FM?
  6. Mint is okay but I also use the excel spreadsheet. I budget weekly which is extreme but has been effective for keeping on track each week and understanding influx of money and when things are due. I would really like something to input numbers and titles and have it add or subtract accordingly. Mint shows me where my money is going but it doesn't have the spreadsheet tools that I like. Anyone have other apps they use? I considered buying one too..
  7. Just include the hours in the section but don't go into details about the increments like 2-5 because they only car about the totals. 70 hours of community service is significant and shows your dedication to volunteering. I would include it because it could only help
  8. To play devils advocate, there is a possibility that you will not get off the waitlist and you will have to reapply this cycle. Are there other schools in your state you are also interested in getting into? As tuition is a hot topic, consider cost of both schools because public institutions are significantly cheaper and you will be thanking yourself in the long run! In your downtime of interview season you can work and save up, too. 600 miles is pretty far...about 12 hour car ride? May is coming up soon! You really need to make a decision soon and ask yourself if you trust program A enough with your future. Life is long, your profession will be forever. No matter what you choose, it will work out in the end. Best of luck!
  9. Really pay attention to some of the requirements for those schools too. Some state they only accept residents such as one of the cheapest Dakota schools and another in Florida. Additionally consider relocation expenses and cost of living in areas with cheap tuition. Run the numbers yourself and see what the best choice is for youuuu. If you are reading this ahead of application cycle, save as much as you can and try to reduce your spending habits because these high tuitions are hard to overcome and its only getting worse for graduate school. You have to have a game plan.
  10. The costs associated are listed there and include housing, personal expenses, transportation, etc, just a means to live off of 27 months but honestly while these schools quote high numbers, run the numbers yourself...how much do you need monthly? How much can you afford? You may find that while the schools estimate a certain amount for living expenses, your numbers could be much lower and save you money big time.
  11. I went to CC for some classes simply because it was cheaper, convenient for my schedule, and able to do summer sessions in between my university coursework. None of the PA schools asked me about it and I believe the quality of my education at the CC was just as good. I took basic classes there though like biology, physics 101, psychology, many introductory classes that didn't make sense to pay thousands of dollars for. I would rather save my money for high undergraduate classes that aren't offered at the CC. In short, go to the CC, finish at the university. That is the way! Save money while doing it and try to only take out loans for grad school.
  12. Do you live in California with relatives? Consider getting a roommate or living with family to reduce expected cost. Fixed costs associated with the program according to that are about 130k if you exclude variables such as room, board, living. If you are married, can you be supported otherwise? These numbers are similiar to other programs. My program estimates 218k for the 27months if you include variables and added expenses for someone with no other source of income and living solely on student loans but we do not get a dual degree. The other factor that seems high in this is the COL expenses associated with California. You should truly crunch the numbers and see how much you will NEED during this time to live.
  13. The only thing I received so far was regarding the plus loan being approved
  14. My school that I've been accepted to and will begin in June 2018 has increased their tuition from 47k to 50k with a new equipment fee of 500 making tuition 51k for the first year. It used to be estimated that tuition would be about 108k total but now the budget sheet says 117k with the new adjustments. I'm sickened and saddened and worried. I guess I'm not alone, right?
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