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  1. Accepted!! Email came in about ten minutes ago. I interviewed on 9/21.
  2. Ahhh it was so hard but I decided to give up my seat today. Best of luck everyone!
  3. Location. As a California native, I always wanted to attend a program on the East Coast. However, as candidates, we are interviewing the program as much as they're interviewing us so I guess I will find out more soon enough.
  4. Submitted to CASPA on 7/2, received an update on 8/6.
  5. Invited to interview on 10/1 today! Edit: Decided to decline my invitation to interview.
  6. I decided I will be declining my acceptance. I hope this opens up a spot for someone!
  7. Thank you! I sent an email to Scott Hendrix, the admissions advisor and withdrew my application. Best of luck to everyone!
  8. I received an invitation to interview today! Edit: I declined my invitation.
  9. Invited to interview! I received an email at 9:05AM PST. I will likely decline as I was already accepted to other programs. I hope this opens up a spot for someone!
  10. Thank you!! Ahhhh I'm not really sure what I'm going to do. I'm torn between this program and another right now.
  11. I interviewed this morning and received a phone call from Dr. Guevara that I have been accepted!
  12. Don’t lose hope! I know some programs send out acceptances on a rolling basis, interview another group and reevaluate all the candidates again. They don’t necessarily set a limit of the number of students they accept from each interview group. However, I can’t say this apply to all programs but until you see an official rejection, I’d like to think you’re still in the running
  13. I thought it was more similar to an interview-type question but then again, they probably choose from a pool of questions. Regardless of the type of question, you should be able to write a clearly thought out, succinct and structured response. As for the walk-through, as others have mentioned earlier, it was fairly casual. The faculty and candidates introduced themselves followed up by a virtual tour and the essay. My walkthrough day lasted about 2.5 hours. Just be yourself and have fun with it!
  14. I just received a call from Alli Qualls that I have been accepted! It was followed up by an email. This is exciting. We interviewed August 24th.
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