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  1. Hey everyone. I was recently accepted into a PA program. Any specific books you can recommend other than a&p to prepare for my first year semesters?
  2. Anyone accepted to bayshore and has to move to the area? Or if you found a home etc.
  3. @leelya I was interviewed the 26th and they said 2-3 weeks, max 4. So probably goes the same for your group.
  4. Hey guys, i have been accepted to both programs and im having a hard time picking one of the two. Manhattan program is longer and it is near my house but bay shore is further and shorter. Could somebody who has a little more knowledge about either school tell me their opinion?
  5. For Manhattan I was interviewed and accepted. When i was inquiring about my application status they said that once interviews were over they would contact me but final decisions arent til june 1st and i was told the last interview was in March. I am not sure if it was accurate or not.
  6. Interviews at Manhattan are done. From what I heard they were done in March. bayshore has a few interviews this month.
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