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  1. For anyone who was accepted and would like access to the facebook page please DM me your email address and first and last name and I will get you added!
  2. Heya! If you look back in the forum there is definitely some information on this, but roughly you get down around 1-2 with interview and tour maybe takes from 2-3ish? This interview group will be large so it may be the longer end of those ranges. also if you read back (or click on my username and read my previous posts) I mention a Q&A the night before just in case that affects your travel arrangements! -Mary Cornell PA-S Class of 2020
  3. To everyone still waiting: Unfortunately they are done sending out secondary applications. I also confirmed that the 12/6 interview is the last interview but they have not finished inviting people for that interview. The class will be finalized within the next two weeks. (Not counting the people on the waitlist who may hear later as spots open up) I’m so sorry to anyone that is let down by this news. I know Cornell will be sending out formal letters to people but I figured that people would like to know asap. Keep trying! Keep applying! It is totally worth all the work i
  4. I try to stick to 1.5 hours so should be out by 7:30. People are welcome to leave earlier if they need to though!
  5. Attention 12/6 interviewees, There will be an optional Q&A the night before the interview at 6pm on 12/5 at the PA program. This is for interviewees to ask the current students about life as a Cornell PA student, the interview process as well as life in NYC. It is super casual and as I’m sure past interviewees can attest, it helps everyone’s nerves a bit and can actually be a fun time. It has no impact on your acceptance. I will be sending an email as soon as they give me a final list of emails (hopefully this weekend) with all of the details but I just thought I’d try to get the inf
  6. I just asked admin and they said no official date has been set except “the end of February”
  7. Congrats on acceptance!!! For anyone else that is curious, I believe rejection is sent via snail mail.
  8. Thanks girl! Just trying to help because the waiting game is actually THE WORST and spoiler alert Cornell has a problem communicating to incoming students. It always works out in the end but sometimes there is a lack of communication initially. That is my only real complaint about the school otherwise I love it!
  9. @dgeddam I quoted what I said before about interviews but if you have more questions or any specific questions about the interview I might be able to offer more info!
  10. Hello! So I just talked to Marciano and he said that the accepted students’ applications from this previous interview are sitting in the Deans office to be approved and then they will shortly contact each of you. I don’t know what “shortly” means. I know it is torture to wait! Wish I had more info! Also they are still going over applications for the 11/29 and December interviews and i think still sending out secondaries. Again! For students interviewing on 11/29 there will be a Q&A where you can ask current students questions the night before and I think it is supper helpfu
  11. Heya, so they don’t make the facebook group until the class is finalized which for our class didn’t happen until mid-December. As a side note: If you’d be interested in living with people from my class a few of us are looking for roommates (including myself & my roommate) and if you private message me, I could try and connect you with someone from my class looking for a roommate. But yes there is always housing in NYC, just trying to find a good size for a good price is the difficult part in my opinion. And just to warn you if you need financial aid from the school, you most lik
  12. Yep! I asked last week and they said they were still sending out supplementals
  13. 1. Academic year means “9ish months”. Similar to when you were in high school September to June-ish. So 3 academic year is SOLEY for financial purposes. Meaning they charge us 3 years worth of tuition because our program is 26-27 months. Our real program breakdown though is (using my year as an example) March 2018 to February 2019 is Didactic Year (classroom) February 2019 to May 2020 is Clinical Year 2. You have a total of 15 rotations. 10 are “core” rotations meaning required and then 5 are elective. To be honest the list of electives is sooooo long that that is why they
  14. Heya! So as of right now December 6th is the final interview date.
  15. Congrats on the secondary!!! I know their goal is to interview 130 students. So far (first 3 interviews) they have interviewed about 40. Which means between the next 3 interviews they need to interview 90. I don't know if they will add another interview or if they will be increasing the number of people interviewed per interview. Sadly I do not know how many people receive secondaries. -Mary Cornell PA student Class of 2020
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