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  1. Hi everyone! I am a graduating PA and am currently looking for outpatient jobs, particularly in primary care. From what I have heard and seen, many primary care clinics are going through hiring freezes, and the few positions I have seen have required 2-5 years of experience. I have applied to them anyway in case they take a look at my CV and consider me, but they have either not contacted me or told me that I do not have enough experience. I had a good first and second interview for an endocrine PA position. I do like endocrine, however I believe at least 90% of my time will involve
  2. Just got accepted with scholarship as well. Does anyone know if this scholarship is different from the tuition reimbursement they were talking about at the campus visit day? Is it a scholarship based on the application we filled out for various scholarships? It would great if it was a scholarship ON TOP of the tuition reimbursement :)
  3. I was told they "take a holistic approach" to evaluating applicants. I assume this means they can't disclose that information. Inevitably applicants will be ranked, because when a spot opens it can only be offered to one person. I'm not sure if other schools have a ranked list or not. It would just be very nice to know where we stand!
  4. Has anyone gotten in off of the waitlist yet? Yale apparently does not rank applicants on the waitlist so it's difficult to know how close (or far) we might be from a potential open spot.
  5. Yes, I also agree. I think small group activities (like, 1-4 people) can be useful in some ways, but a *large* small group activity that lasts such a short time (ours was over in 15 mins after the elevator pitches) can't really demonstrate your critical thinking, leadership skills, etc. They used to have an MMI style interview, based on my friend who attended a few years ago, so they're probably trying out new strategies. Anyway, I just received my invitation to complete a secondary app. I wonder how much they narrowed it down after interviews?
  6. Hi all, I will be interviewing 11/7. Coming from CA. Very excited! A few replies ago PrePhysicianAssistant posted that the interview is a traditional interview that lasts 30 minutes. Is this the case? I have had some very strange group activity interviews so far, so I would actually love a traditional one-on-one. :)
  7. Hi-- I am applying for this coming application round. I recently took the GRE: 162 verbal 5.5 analytical 153 quantitative If it wasn't for the quantitative score, I wouldn't be inclined to retake the test. However, I am wondering if I could still get in to my schools of choice. My overall GPA and science GPA are 3.93, I graduated valedictorian of my department, and I have several years of experience working as a clinical dietitian, as well as public health and policy work. I also have good letters of rec and tend to interview well. I don't want the GRE score to be the one thing that
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