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  1. Simon94

    UF 2017-2018 Admissions Cycle

    Thanks for starting this thread!!
  2. Application submission Done and dusted!
  3. Application submission Done and dusted!
  4. I'm also planning to apply but not prepared at all. I have to start from scratch.
  5. Thanks for sharing. It sounds interesting. Please if someone shares their stats, so that will help us out?
  6. Simon94

    This is Scary

    True that you can't get rid of Karma!
  7. Good luck guys and yes it's never too late to start anything positive.
  8. Agreed with him! In professional life, your academics will take you to the Interview max after that your experience and social learning skills will help you to achieve any particular job. So I think also that along with GRE and MCAT we should focus on volunteer work to get some valuable practical experience.
  9. Thanks for sharing this Hansolo. Please guide one thing how you can memorize these words because for me the most difficult thing to remember the word and recall it at the right time. I hope you have something to share on this :)
  10. Simon94

    Oregon PA practice

    Agreed with him.
  11. Well yes if NP has more relevant experience than they will make sufficient money than PA in some states especially in Kentucky :)
  12. I agree with your point. This attorney charges huge if you have any complicated case.
  13. Yes, you should whistle blow and highlight the culprit to save others.

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