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  1. Hey fellow SWers! So happy I found this thread. I just received acceptance to my top choice program today! This was my 2nd cycle applying (only applied to 1 school last cycle and was waitlisted after my interview). I have both my BSW and MSW, worked with at-risk youth, individuals with developmental disabilities, and worked on a locked unit at state psych hospital. I decided to pursue PA route during my work at the psych hospital because I worked so closely with our Dr's and nurses and found myself wanting to work with patients in more of a medical capacity. As you probably already know the SW background did not provide much in the way of the sciences, so I did go back to school to complete all the pre-reqs. Having gone through the application process I really feel as though my background in SW was an asset. I felt that it set me apart in that we are already trained to see the pt through a bio-psychosocial lens and understand that what impacts the pt also impacts their family, support system, employment, etc. Also, we have already had immense training in building rapport, empathy and multicultural competency. I was able to count my experience on the psych unit as PCE hours because I did complete intakes, treatment plans, individual/family/group therapy, and discharge planning. Also working in a group home with individuals with developmental disabilities I did do a lot of CNA type work (med administration, glucose testing, routing diabetic care, bathing/toileting). I counted my other experience as HCE. I did quite a bit of shadowing of different healthcare providers in various treatment settings. About 200 hours split between PAs, MDs, and NPs in primary care, neurology, oncology and the ED. I would have taken a position as a scribe or PCT, however I have to little ones and it did not work out for our family for financial reasons, so I volunteered as a Patient Care Liaison at my local ED. Since the last cycle I was able to build up about 400 hours while my husband was home on weekends or if they were with the grandparents. Not going to lie, but after not making it in last cycle I was really doubting myself and my decision to pursue becoming a PA. I questioned if I wasted my and my family's time, but I kept telling myself this is my life and this is what I want/am meant to do (even if I took the long way to get there). It was a rough journey but after today I am so happy that I kept at. I know that my background will be invaluable once I graduate and am a practicing PA. I wish you the best of luck whatever you decide to do.
  2. I have cancelled my interview spot on 3/16 since I was just accepted to my top choice! Good luck to everyone!!
  3. I submitted my app Aug 1, so I kind of started to think I wasn't going to get an interview since others who submitted later have already interviewed. Just goes to show you never know and you should never count yourself out! As far as stats go . . . cGPA 3.6 sGPA 3.4 and graduate GPA 4.0. I had to go back to school to complete my pre-reqs for PA school, so my GPA in pre-reqs was a 3.9. I have a bachelor's in Social Work and master's in Social Work and family therapy. About 4,000 pce working in a group home, working with at-risk youth, and at the state psychiatric hospital. 80 hours shadowing PAs several fields and a little over 400 hours volunteering with Boys & Girls Club and at a local ED. GRE score was 312
  4. Hey! I received an invitation this morning for an interview 3/16.
  5. Congrats on your acceptances! I have had a similar situation, choosing between moving, tuition costs, or being close to home/family. Looks like its been a few months since your original post and I was wondering which school you decided on? Best of luck to you wherever you've decided to go.
  6. I'm in the top 3 too! My letter last year gave no indication of where I was on the waitlist, so I'm much happier knowing where I stand. The first year student that did our tour said that quite a few made it off the list last year. The two second year students I spoke with were called off the waitlist, one after about a month and another in March. Also, I believe Kay said that in past years the top 3-5 have made it in. So I think we have a pretty good shot at making it into the class, but yes, it is beyond nerve racking!
  7. I haven't heard anything either. Did your letter indicate your in the top 3?
  8. Hey everyone! I applied Oct 31 and received an interview invite today for Jan 25!
  9. Congrats! I received an invite today as well! I feel you on the logistical struggle to make it out there on such short notice, I have 2 little ones so it's nice to know I'm not alone trying to do the parenting this also.
  10. I interviewed on 9/29 and received a waitlist letter today. This will be my second year on the waitlist, so hoping beyond hope to make it off the waitlist this year!
  11. Just wondering if anyone has received any news?! Seems like last year some had received waitlist and rejection letters by now.
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