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  1. I haven't heard anything after being put on hold in August. Luckily I've been accepted elsewhere so it's not crucial, but for others who are waiting for an acceptance I would suggest contacting them February 1st maybe? I only say that because I remember them telling me that we would be notified December/January.
  2. I have a very similar gpa as you and even less PCE, and I've gotten two acceptances this cycle, with 6 interviews. I think you have a really good chance next cycle.
  3. My interpretation of the checklist page was that the first day of class was May 21 and therefore orientation is May 14.
  4. It looks like it is. I applied this current cycle (2017) and received an acceptance without it, but it looks like anyone applying next cycle needs it.
  5. I was in the exact same position a few days ago. I ended up going with Jax. While interviewing I liked the feel more there. I got a bad impression from Ft. Myers when they were talking about how strict they were when it came to housing during the clinical year. While at Jax, they emphasized a lot about the support groups they have for students and their spouses which I liked. When talking to the Academic Director we were able to ask questions and I felt like they worked hard to fix the problems they were having.
  6. Undergrad Ed School: University of Pittsburgh, December 2017 Cumulative Undergrad GPA: 3.54 Science Undergrad GPA: 3.47 prerequisites still in progress: None that are needed for PA school, just finishing 15 credits for my degree Age at application time: 21 GRE: V- 152 (55%) Q-160 (76%) W- 4.0 (59%) Healthcare experience: EMT~ 980 hours for a private company Shadowing: 15 hours shadowing an ER PA Awards: Deans List x3 LOR: The PA I shadowed, a professor, and my boss who is a paramedic Schools Applied: South University- Sa
  7. I emailed Judy and she just replied that decision letters will be sent out soon. They never talked about using mail so that was confusing.
  8. Congrats! Still confused on their timeline, I still haven't heard anything from them
  9. Has anyone heard back from them yet about interviews? I was scheduled for September 7th and they said they would reschedule as soon as they opened again after the Hurricane but I haven't heard anything from the school.
  10. Does anyone know if there is anywhere that I could put my luggage during the interview?
  11. Pittsburgh and Philly are pretty equal distant from it, so both long drives. I know there are flights from Pittsburgh to State college that will bring you about 45 minutes from campus, but they are pretty expensive.
  12. They told us it would come in the mail within 1-2 weeks, but I know for some people from the last interview it took slightly longer than 2 weeks.
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