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  1. EMT certification would be great, and it counts towards your science GPA. EMT healthcare hours are looked at favorably, but it just depends if you have the time to go through the course. then start accruing hours, then apply to PA school. however, i dont know if you'll have time to do all of that and apply this cycle. you can also work as a medical assistant or CNA but those also requires certification and schooling.
  2. i got an email may 30th saying my application was under review, and that i should hear back within 3 weeks. it's been over a month - what do you think this means? should i contact the school?
  3. Like others have said, you need to retake it considering your GPAs aren't that high to makeup for a low score. You need at a minimum, 50th percentile on each section and should shoot for over a 300. Not wanting to retake a test with such a low score raises many red flags
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