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  1. Received phone call for interview, I will be interviewing on February 20th.
  2. Holy crap! I had a voicemail from Dr. Honda that has been sitting in my mailbox since Monday.... I got in!!!
  3. I see, we were told during the 29/30 interview that we were the last group and that there are only 3 total groups this year. Also told that there were 1,000+ applicants, for 150 interview spots, for 46 program spots.
  4. What time did they contact you at? I just interviewed this last weekend. Could you also include the timezone.
  5. I am wondering when they will send out application updates for those of use who havent been rejected yet.
  6. Any update for September 6th interviewers? i am from cali, so I flew into Pennsylvania International Airport and then got a cab to Center City (I stayed at th Hilton/doubletree). I chose to uber to Salus from Center City, it was approximately a 13 mile ride, but traffic is pretty moderate at the 7:00 am hour, so leave with plenty of time to spare. It took me about 40-50 minutes to get to Salus from my hotel. Also, be prepared to pay surge fees for Uber, my ride was like 50-60$.
  7. Can your undergraduate degree be in progress at the time of application? I have completed all my prerequisites.
  8. And this one too! So I am sure, the decision will come extremely soon! Accreditation Actions 2015S_12.7.15.pdf
  9. I am guessing that September will be a relatively silent month with regard to decisions, interviews, and wait lists, due to the accreditation decisions this month. Last year the ARC-PA met with schools on September 9-10th, and the prior year it was September 9-12, 2015 meeting, according to the document I found on the web. Accreditation-Actions-2016S-3.2.2017.pdf
  10. Fingers crossed that we hear back this week! Although my interviewer stated that the admissions committee's meeting scheduled for 9/13 has been cancelled.
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