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  1. Most of us are local and a few are looking for housing by campus.
  2. Can you post the link to the article please? I had heard from a working PA that it was an issue with clinical sites/year as well.
  3. Yes, definitely! They've invested a lot of their efforts and time into the program...they're absolutely committed to bringing the best outcome in this situation. we're all in this together!
  4. Vkap: I'm curious also...they didn't specify any specific steps that we would have to take, if any.
  5. I received the letter too. Good news but only if all goes well...Hopefully they get accreditation in March 2018!
  6. I spoke to Laura today and was informed that they won't be on this upcoming PA cycle because they are in the process of re-applying for accreditation and it is a lengthy process. Hence they anticipate to be on 2018-2019 cycle.
  7. I just sent my detailed email to the school email, which is accessible by the school's non-PA administration as well. And yes! I believe it's a good idea to write a letter if you are on the wait list as well. You are on the waitlist for a reason, rather than being denied the opportunity! I was asked to write a letter because I asked what I can do for the next potential step in this process. So I believe anyone affected by this should invest some of their time into it.
  8. These letters are essentially a chance to show non-PA and PA board members what our thoughts are and why we believe that ULV is capable of having its own PA program. I will be writing to them today. I was told our voices do matter as students that were chosen. I hope that everyone that is affected by this does write to them because there is a possibility that we can make a difference.
  9. I was also asked to write a letter and send it to paprogram@laverne.edu. We can write about why we chose ULV over other PA programs, what we like about the program, and basically tell them about our positive experience with the faculty and program. Anything positive would be appreciated. These letters are going to help them with any next step that they will be taking. The sooner the letters are in, the better. Please inform any other students that you know that were accepted or on the alternate list!
  10. Lulu11: No worries. I had been accepted to the program and thought that accreditation would not be a problem for this program. I was told that they will give more information to us next week or so. So I guess we will wait and see what they will do from here on out. I am hoping for the best.
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