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  1. So excited to post!! Undergrad Ed School: University of Delaware; Major in Exercise Science Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.78 Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.82 Age at application time: 22 Application Attempt: second GRE (1 attempt): 155 V (68%), 157 Q (67%), 4.0 W (56%) Direct Patient Care: 700 as an outpatient cardiology scribe, 50 during a medical mission trip, 100 as a hospice volunteer, Volunteer/Research Activities: 400 as a research assistant and over 500 hours of volunteer due to being in a service group. Extracurricular Activities: Alpha Phi Om
  2. I got an interview invite on Wednesday but i turned it down due to committing to another school already. Hope that makes a spot for someone else!
  3. I also received a scholarship and I didn't apply to it. I just got an email after sending my deposit in offering me the scholarship.
  4. I got an interview invite today but will be declining because I'm going to another program! Hope this gives someone else a spot!!
  5. I just got my acceptance from last weeks interview!
  6. I also recieved an interview invite today!
  7. It was a big envelope but other than that you couldn't tell and I don't know if they are all big envelopes. I am from NY so maybe the mail was just faster to me! Good luck to everyone!
  8. Just got my acceptance letter from interviewing on July 13th!
  9. Also will be interviewing on July 13th at the Glenside campus!
  10. I applied to the Pleasantville campus and received an interview which I couldn't attend due to being out of the country, they sent me a follow up email saying that the 30 seats were filled and that they would contact me in the future for interviews in the next fall.
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