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  1. Did you end up hearing from them?
  2. It’s usually a week or two later, isn’t it? This would be a pretty quick turn around
  3. Has anyone gotten accepted off the waitlist or heard that they’re in the top third? Anything other than the update email that went out to everyone?
  4. Has anyone on the waitlist heard anything? I’m very anxious and excited!
  5. Did anyone else get an acceptance today? I’m hoping they’ve still got calls left to do!
  6. I don’t think they can revoke it. But it’s very difficult waiting, and I’m feeling increasingly discouraged and frustrated. It’s been two months since they invited me and I can’t help but feel like they don’t want me very much if it’s taken this long to get an interview. Keep your head up. Hopefully we’ll hear this week.
  7. I got waitlisted today too, best of luck to you! Hopefully we both get in!
  8. I wonder if there’s any more invites to go out. I’m crossing my fingers that I still get one!
  9. I really hope I get my interview date soon.. it’s been two months since I got the invite and I’m getting anxious
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