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  1. I don’t think they can revoke it. But it’s very difficult waiting, and I’m feeling increasingly discouraged and frustrated. It’s been two months since they invited me and I can’t help but feel like they don’t want me very much if it’s taken this long to get an interview. Keep your head up. Hopefully we’ll hear this week.
  2. I got waitlisted today too, best of luck to you! Hopefully we both get in!
  3. I wonder if there’s any more invites to go out. I’m crossing my fingers that I still get one!
  4. I really hope I get my interview date soon.. it’s been two months since I got the invite and I’m getting anxious
  5. I had two options that were the same date, I imagine those are the remaining “spots” for the interview if that makes sense. So if you had five options with all the same date, you’d be picking one of the five virtual seats for the interview
  6. Anyone have any updates? They typically have one more interview session in October, right?
  7. LOL Arcadia doesn’t give much notice for interviews..
  8. I replied to the interview invite email saying I was interested, is that how we’re supposed to rsvp?
  9. I hope those of us still waiting on our interview dates get them soon. The waiting is so hard!
  10. I still haven’t gotten my interview date after getting the 8/19 interview invite email and I’m feel anxious. I hope they let us know soon and I hope that I didn’t get lost in the shuffle
  11. I really hope we find out soon! I’m so nervous
  12. Congrats! Do you mind sharing what time you got the email and your stats?
  13. What time did you get your email??
  14. That’s so exciting! I’m still waiting on mine. Hopefully everything’s going ok in that regard.. is anyone else still waiting to hear?
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