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  1. Great thank you I will check this out!
  2. Hi! New grad here with pending MA license. Its a tough time out there for new grads! (any leads in MA would be great!) but in the mean time while my license processes, I wanted to see if I could get a job/ volunteer doing covid vaccinations or covid swabs, Most posts I'e seen want nurses or Pharmacists, and don't mention PAs. Also not sure how this works with a pending license? Any leads or advice would be great!
  3. Yes, it seems like some schools I have looked at require prerequisites to be verified by WES. I think that although the classes are on my official undergrad transcript, the Australian grading system doesn't match up, they use HD, D, C, etc.
  4. Could someone provide me some info on how to get transcripts from study abroad through WES? Do I have to contact the school first? And how those grade contribute to GPA if they do at all. Anything helpful advice from someone who has delt with WES before would be greatly appreciated, especially regarding prereq. classes like Bio 1 and Chem 1. Thanks!
  5. Hi, I just wanted to see if someone could clarify what counted toward cumulative science GPA calculated in CASPA. I looked on the CASPA website for what counts, and I know the hard science could count. Under their "Other" classes section, it listed "Health Science". I am an undergraduate Health Science Major and I have several classes under the category of "Health science" related to my major but I don't know which ones would be considered. Some of these are Healthcare Research, Communication Skills in Health Care, and American Healthcare System. While listed under "Health Science" th
  6. Thank you! I figured it would be more useful to have recommendations from someone who knows me really well.
  7. Hi, I'm applying for the first time this cycle and I currently work as a medical assistant and could get some strong letters of reference from an NP, MD, and a practice manager. I go to a large school for undergrad and haven't gotten close to any professors. I took microbiology last semester and went to my professors office hours 3 times, and since I have no one else I asked her if she would be willing to write a letter. She said she would if she I needed an professor to write one, and if I did not have another professor who knew me better. So my question is... since she doesn't kno
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