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  1. Can someone explain why Stanfords tuition is 160k for the program? Am I reading this wrong? What makes this program so much better?
  2. @ProSpectrethis may sound bad but the way I see the GRE is the same way I see the SAT. I did TERRIBLE on the SAT and it didn't matter how much I prepped. Additionally, the SAT did not accurately gauge how I would perform in college. I don't think the GRE would measure how well I'd do in PA school either. Knowing I killed myself in college for those scores, my history with standardized tests, and how badly it predicts success in my case, just makes me feel unmotivated to try it again.
  3. @mt2pa you said 3.8sGPA won't make up for 1000 hrs. Do schools take into account age as well? I had just finished college and had to get certified as a CNA so even start accumulating. Do they take into account 1,000 hrs as a 22 yr old (when I'm applying) versus say, 3,000 as a 24 year old.
  4. I'm applying for the first time next cycle and was wondering will I receive automatic rejection with a poor GRE? I've always done poorly on standardized tests and really don't want to waste money on another GRE. Q 147 (27%), V 151 (52%), AW 4.0 (60%) However I have a 3.87 GPA and a 3.80 scGPA from Drexel. 200 Volunteer hrs (soup kitchen and transitional housing for homeless women and children) 1000 Direct Patient contact as a CNA in long term care + acute rehab 500 research hours at fox chase cancer center 32 combined hours shadowing a derm PA and an ortho PA My question is, will the schools who require the GRE trash my application seeing a GRE below 300? I want to make it to the interview phase.
  5. I reallllly want to get out of Pennsylvania and go to a PA school in Florida. I want to study and do rotations there because I honestly can't handle this weather anymore. Is there any way to get in state tuition say at like, the University of Florida? Would I have to live in that area a year before matriculation? Or can I establish residency and get in state tuition those two years if I live in Florida during that time?
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