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  1. Does anyone know if they’ve sent out invites for the last interview date yet?
  2. I got my accepted email with info it in a couple days ago from Lori. Maybe now is about when they’ll send waitlist emails!
  3. I'm pretty sure this means they either haven't reviewed or updated your application yet! I'm pretty positive if you have prereqs it means waitlist/alternative list, if you have GRE and recs it means you haven't been accepted, waitlisted or denied yet, and if you have nothing there anymore it means denied. For me, I knew people had been accepted from my interview date and had the same thing as you in my portal (only GRE and recs) for about 3 more weeks until my portal changed to prereqs. So, if you have heard people have been accepted from your interview date but still have a portal, it might mean you're waitlisted. At least this happened to me. Hope this helps!
  4. I mailed my deposit and got a confirmation from Lori when it was received. I only sent a check and that was it. I also emailed Lori asking if there was something I needed to do with castlebranch because I am stilling getting emails and she said no and not to worry about that, she would email us at a later date about other things which need to be done/verified (updated transcripts, vaccinations, etc.)
  5. Hi guys, can anyone tell me how much the seat deposit is once you get accepted?
  6. just got an invite a few days ago for Oct. 28th and submitted in June.
  7. If you get an invitation to interview they give you a login to set up you’re interview date!
  8. I know someone from our date who got accepted and someone from around our date who got a rejection letter.
  9. I’m wondering too. I know someone who got accepted and someone who got rejected after interviewing. My portal hasn’t been changed either
  10. I got an interview and put down that I’m interested in the mph dual degree too.
  11. I received the email to schedule my interview date around noon today.
  12. Congrats to those with invites! Those of you who did, are you in state or out of state?
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