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  1. Current student here if y'all have any questions feel free to pm me, or if you would like to meet when you're in town to interview! Best of luck!
  2. I think a thank you shows that you are prompt and cordial. Although it doesn't impact their decision, it does show your character. Letters of intent, however, I have seen are discouraged.
  3. What is acme? I haven't received anything on this that I know of.
  4. I was a cardiovascular tech which consisted of ekgs, holter monitor application, phlebotomy, and Coumadin pro-times. As long as you are physicially interacting with the patient it should count as PCE. Tele tech is debatable since you are monitoring the pt's rhythm via computer
  5. Wanted to update since I'm sure others have the same question. Applications open May 1 and coverage goes into effect June 1. Does a current student know whether health coverage through Tech goes into effect May 1 or June 1? Thanks!
  6. I booked a trip at the end of January to check some places out since I'll be coming from out of state
  7. I've read mixed reviews on taking the time to review basic anatomy before starting pa school vs taking the time to travel etc. I've been out of undergrad for 2 years so in my case would it be more beneficial? Are there any prep books recommended? Thanks for the insight!
  8. Did you have trouble finding housing that time of year? Also any recommendations that are pet friendly? Thanks in advance!
  9. Likewise will be flying in from Nevada on the 9th and interviewing 10/10. Looking forward to meeting you all!
  10. Do you have to take yourself off the waitlist in order to be considered/receive a supplemental application for the following cycle? Also loved this program
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