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  1. It's in the program details section on CASPA! https://appsrv.pace.edu/PhysicianAsstProg
  2. jessica242

    2018-2019 Cycle

    If I remember correctly, there were a few before mine!
  3. jessica242

    2018-2019 Cycle

    Got my acceptance email today! I interviewed on Aug 15th!
  4. Got an interview invite as well! Does any one have hotel recommendations for those of us coming from out of state?
  5. @jkweezerfanjk awesome to hear! Did the interview last up until 4 or did yall get out early? Will be coming from out of state so seeing when I should book my return flight home!
  6. Got my under review email today! Verified mid June!
  7. Got an interview invite today for Center City! Will be going on Nov 20!
  8. jessica242

    2018-2019 Cycle

    Did anyone get an interview offer that is before August 15th?
  9. jessica242

    2018-2019 Cycle

    I was offered an interview, via phone, for August 15th! received the call on 7/10/18
  10. jessica242

    2018-2019 Application Cycle

    Congrats! when did you get your confirmation from Drexel if you don't mind me asking?
  11. Did anyone who got an interview apply with less than 1000 hours for direct patient contact?
  12. jessica242

    2017-18 Cycle

    Congrats to those who got accepted! Do yall mind sharing your stats? (GPA, GRE, hours, etc.?)
  13. jessica242

    2017-18 Cycle

    How was the interview process?
  14. jessica242

    2017-18 Cycle

    Congrats! When was your CASPA and supplemental submitted?

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