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  1. Accepted off the wait list today but declined since I got accepted to another program closer to home. Hope this will help someone out!
  2. Got an interview invite for March 4th! Got the invitation email on 1/25/19.
  3. Anyone know when they will start letting us know if we are taken off the wait list?
  4. Withdrew my acceptance since I got into a program closer to home! Hope someone on the waitlist hears back soon!
  5. It's in the program details section on CASPA! https://appsrv.pace.edu/PhysicianAsstProg
  6. If I remember correctly, there were a few before mine!
  7. Got my acceptance email today! I interviewed on Aug 15th!
  8. Got an interview invite as well! Does any one have hotel recommendations for those of us coming from out of state?
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