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  1. Does anyone remember what some of the first years said regarding what a typical day/week looks like during didactic year? I remember speaking with them and it didn’t sound like they necessarily had classes 8-5 M-F, which is what I kind of expected as it’s only a 24 month program. Any info gathered about second year is appreciated as well, I just remember that you are able to travel for clinicals as long as you return for your EOR’s. Thanks!
  2. Anyone know what the approximate total cost of the program will be?
  3. I received my acceptance email today as well. Congrats to everyone accepted!
  4. Yea I’m kind of curious as to why there’s so much time off and why they chose a longer program length. The other schools I interviewed at were 24 month programs (which seems too short haha). I guess we won’t be burnt out though since we’ll have quite a few breaks lol
  5. I’m from NY, close enough to commute but considering renting within walking distance... traffic is terrible and I feel like it’s wasted time I could spend studying etc. It’s just so expensive to live in the area
  6. I haven't heard anything. They said if you don't hear back by the new year to give them a call in January. I'm thinking if we don't hear anything we are waitlisted. I also thought that they are on break this week, so that could also be why we haven't heard anything? Maybe Monday we will hear something.
  7. I haven’t heard back either from the December interview date
  8. @mike1995 I interviewed 10/15 acceptance 11/28
  9. I just received my acceptance notice via email! I do have some other interviews to attend but I’m more than happy to have received an acceptance at St. John’s! Anyone else hear back?
  10. Anyone have a rough idea how many seats are left? I’m interviewing on the last interview date offered (I think) which is in December- I’ve seen other schools have filled their seats already but are still interviewing for essentially a wait list. Just curious to know if anyone has info
  11. I received an invitation and I was able to click on a link and fill out information to sign up, I did not have to log in
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